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How to use technology to nurture special ed parent-teacher connections

Nishant Sinha
Nishant Sinha
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Prepare for the class test. Complete the assignment at home. Prepare an essay. Research an upcoming science project. Confused? Let me clarify this. These are the list of tasks that are usually dictated in the class by a teacher that needed to be jotted down in a reminder logbook. Now, this looks like a simple task. The only thing being this listing may be an upheaval task in deciphering by a child with special needs.

Millions of special kids face hardships learning in school. What makes it worse is that a lot of this incidences go unnoticed by the teacher and at this moment creates a huge communication shortfall as the child will never do the task assigned. Another drawback that follows is that parents too remain in the dark as to the progress of their kids.

A special kid needs pro-active attention. Be it in school or at home. This, in turn, gives rise to the urgency that parents and teachers of that special kid must collaborate. This is done to ensure that the communication cycle is consistently maintained between the two parties thus ensuring that the education of the kid is not hampered.

Technology helps bridge this gap in a huge way. With the influx of many apps that enable the teacher and parents interact consistently. Through such innovative technological apps, the progress of the special child can also be monitored. This proves a huge benefit as it will improve the overall performance of the kid regarding learning as well as overall personality development.

Few of the many applications available in the market ensure that the three most important parameters, i.e., secured communication, data sharing, and communication log. Secured communication between parents and teachers is essential so that sensitive conversations are not strewn out in the open.

Data sharing is achieved easily as cloud-based platforms ensure that parents and teachers remain in touch in spite of them be mobile all the time. Finally, the communication log ensures that list of the tasks assigned to the kid be also made available to the parents through the app so that the parents are also aware of the homework the kid needs to do at home. Some of the software that make the job easier is mentioned below.

Collaborize Classroom

This education-focused app can be used to form a closed network wherein different subjects such as progress, feedback; trends can be discussed with the parents. The teachers do need to keep on updating about the progress and challenges of the kids. This can then be reflected on the parent’s end as they are now able to view all the parameters online through Android or laptops. Links, video uploads too can be posted using Collaborize.

Pupil Asset

Compatible with iOS/Android, the application is freely made available. The application enables parents to evaluate the progress of their kid in the form of attendance, behavioral patterns, and school reports.

List of the assignment given as homework can also be scanned through by parents. Referring this to do list parents can assist their special kids with the homework help them complete the various assignments given. The best part of this app is that both the parents and teachers are in control of the app and is not a single administrator driven app.


Moving beyond a simple messaging app, the Seesaw provides much more useful resources to communicate. This app offers more customized meaning personalized connect between the parent and teacher. This is done to explore more windows of opportunities to make the kids improve their learning skills and fare better in school.


An extremely popular application in the market that helps you establish strong connects with the student and parent. The good part about this app is that the phone numbers are not made visible and hence is beneficial for everyone using it.

Another unique feature is that it is extremely user-friendly. Especially, for people who are not literate or do not know English. Parents can scroll through easily identifiable images that can be used to converse with the teachers. Voicemails, icons photos, and documents too can be attached and sent to the recipient.

Google apps for education

Be it the field of education, how can Google be left far behind? Google apps too consist of free suite productivity tools. Monitoring kids, or addressing challenging issues pressing the kids can be addressed to the parents through this app. Exploring solutions to on-going problems the kid faces during studies too can be addressed. Google drive can have any documentation stored. The teacher can simply share it with the parents with a link via an email so that the child’s progress can be noted online rather than a hard copy.

No amount of human interaction can be replaced with all this technology. One should note that teachers and parents will always form the core of communication. Technology applications mentioned here are only to facilitate the ease of communication. These applications will hopefully form a trinity bond where everyone the child, parent, and teacher are in sync with each other. This will transpire into a healthy learning atmosphere for the kid be it at home with parents or at schools with the teachers.


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