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Salary Delay? These 5 Pay Later Apps are the Savior

Dhruv Parmar
Dhruv Parmar
Dhruv is a freelance content writer with proficiency in every niche. He maintains his own personal brand on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can contact him for any content writing requirements for websites, blogs, and social media handles.

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Startups are vibrant, fascinating workplaces. They provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience and a lot of valuable lessons. They aid in preparing you for the future. They are erratic financially, nevertheless. A startup may succeed for the first few months and then fail in the following few months. Working at a startup in such a situation entails financial instability. 

Let’s suppose you did online shopping from an E-commerce website, and when the product arrived for delivery at your doorstep, you were out of cash and also drained the monthly limit of your credit card. You would then choose to go with net banking via the app on your smartphone.

Here, you come to know you are short on money in your bank because of a delayed salary. Your monthly budget falls apart whenever the salary is delayed, even for a day. You will have to delay the purchasing of all essential things to a later date. 

Here’s a quick solution. 

Nobody could have predicted the speed at which the world is continuously expanding. One of the developments that Generation Z may thank the Millennials for is the buy now, pay later trend. The millennials have contributed to several social developments.

The Buy Now Pay Later app is an excellent credit option that provides much-needed respite during hard times financially. Access to appropriate credit is crucial because anyone can experience a financial emergency anywhere and at any time.

The Evolution of E-commerce Websites

E-commerce has taken over the world in just a few years of its existence. Apparel, Electronic devices, watches, other accessories, utensils, electricity cheques, groceries, you name it. Everything is available online and can be delivered to your home in a few clicks. This has also resulted in growing online transactions across various platforms.

Today, there is ‘N’ number of buy now pay later apps (BNPL) in India on your devices at your fingertips. They provide qualified clients with up to Rs. 5 lacs as low-interest loans.

Your credit score determines your credit line and interest rates, and anyone with a good credit score can immediately acquire a decent credit limit. The interest rates for these loans are pretty low and are deducted daily. Consequently, you can reduce your interest costs as you make payments.

How Does “Buy Now, Pay Later Apps” Work? 

As the name implies, buy now, pay later applications in India offer a service that enables you to consume now and pay for it later. The “buy now, pay later” is a credit card-based idea, but it’s a superior version of a credit card because you don’t require a physical card or to go through lengthy application and approval processes. You can profit from EMI utilizing certain apps by buying now, paying later in installments, or EMI. 

The credit line can be used to make purchases both online and in physical stores. Usually, this money is returned within 30 days interest-free. Additionally, users can repay it in 3, 6, 9, or 12 straightforward EMIs with a low-interest rate. 

Before we get into what they offer, we need to understand how the buy now and pay later applications work in India. Here are some fundamentals of how these apps function: 

  • Whatever you desire, put it in the cart.
  • Rather than making a payment, decide to buy now and pay later using a similar option.
  • A small down payment can also be made.
  • You can take advantage of free EMIs if you buy now, pay later, and continue paying in installments.

It is also essential to know about the merits of these pay later apps before we know more about them.

Merits of Pay Later Apps

  • Quick Credit: Instant credit is available with the buy now, pay later option. All that is required is a single purchase with the option to pay later. A wonderful thing, isn’t it? Additionally, it offers buyers a highly personalized alternative. It also enables customer interaction across numerous platforms.
  • Secure payments: Pay later apps are fantastic to utilize as a safer alternative and are approved by the regulating authorities. Other than maintaining your budget, there is no harm.
  • Easy to use: The application process is easy to start; all new users need is essential information. Select the dealer and EMI plan, then upload the necessary documentation.
  • Decide to pay with EMIs at no interest: The most effective alternative for individuals looking to choose EMI plans is to buy now and pay later. It primarily provides free EMI.
  • A simple solution for raising your credit score: You can keep your credit score in good standing and do so most affordably by making on-time payments. Pay later but also on time. Remember this because failing to do so would be pretty costly.

Let us look at the 5 Best Buy Now Pay Later apps that makes purchasing things easier.


ZestMoney is unquestionably the most often used BNPL platform for online consumers. They collaborate with over 1.5 lakh retailers in India and offer credit lines up to Rs. 2 lakh. This app will certainly live up to its tagline, “less cost to pay, longer time to pay.” Download it, fill out your profile, add your supporting documentation, set up automatic payments, and use it however you wish.

ZestMoney also offers various features, like on specific offerings exclusively; there is 0% interest. No credit card is required, and significantly less paperwork to fill out. It has a three-step, quick approval procedure. Also, a two lacs personal credit limit is available.

For the most excellent products, it collaborates with over 150,000 merchants. In 3–4 months, you can repay comfortably. Payment in whole or in parts is not subject to penalty. Furthermore, enjoy complete transparency as there are no hidden costs.

It is a one-stop shop if you are looking for fast, efficient, and organized digital credit and loans. Users of the app may manage all their installment loans in one location in addition to the buy now, pay later functionality.

Amazon Pay Later

Most people are drawn to Amazon as it is one of the most remarkable e-commerce sites, with its exceptional products and attractive deals. Additionally, the option of Amazon Pay Later has since appeared. On all eligible purchases made through the Amazon App and Web browser, EMI payments are easy and hassle-free via its pay later feature. 

You can use a credit line with no interest to pay bills, purchase groceries, and do shopping. Manage your account using a separate dashboard to keep track of your payments, transaction history, limits, and other information. No credit check is necessary. Your bank account determines your credit limit. Processing, cancellation, or pre-closure fees are not charged. This entails that you can settle your purchase anytime without worrying about incurring further charges.

The tracking of expenses and payments has been made simpler. With the help of Amazon Pay Later, you can purchase the items you require right now and pay later for them without incurring interest. You will immediately know your credit limit and how much you may spend with Amazon Pay Later. This might help you create a budget and prevent overspending. 

Flipkart Pay Later

In India, a very well BNPL app is Flipkart Pay Later. A ground-breaking consumer initiative from Flipkart called Flipkart Pay Later aims to make buying simple and worry-free. Users can buy things online and offline without putting down a deposit. All they have to do is pay for their items in the following 30 days. Loyal app users can receive quick credit from Flipkart Pay Later.

Millions of people have already signed up for this program, and new ones are being registered monthly. With Flipkart Pay Later, you can instantly receive a credit of as much as Rs. 1 lakh. Visit Flipkart and purchase without needing to pay for it without using any other apps. Promise to make payment next month as you depart, and you are good.

You can easily avail of the credits by uploading the necessary documents and verifying them. Choose your product, check out fast and efficiently without fumbling for payment information or OTPs, receive the goods, use it, and then pay for all your products at once the next month. You can make several purchases at once and pay for them all at once later.

Zip by Mobikwik

The BNPL service offered by Mobikwik is known as “ZIP.” It can be reached using the Mobikwik smartphone app. With the Mobikwik Zip BNPL app, you may spend up to Rs. 30,000 monthly. Earn rewards as well for timely payments. More than 120 million consumers can make simple, real-time payments with just one click.

Here it is super easy to maintain a credit score. It has a simple process that gets you registered by filling up only the required basic information and a short documentation process. You can keep track of your credit score and improve it by paying your bills on time. 

Enjoy hassle-free one-click payments and remit the money later without any added fees or interest. Your ZIP balance can be used to instantly pay for a variety of expenses, including mid and end-of-month bills, meal orders, supermarket and clothing purchases, and pharmacy visits. It is crucial to note that you must pay your dues within fifteen days to avoid any penalty or late fees. 

Not only will MobiKwik ZIP make paying your bills easy, but it will also improve your shopping experience. Leave your financial problems behind and indulge in as much shopping as you like.


The most effortless checkout process currently available is provided by ePayLater, which allows clients to complete a purchase with just a few mouse clicks or touchscreen taps. Thanks to the Buy Now, Pay Later service, customers can acquire an immediate credit limit to make quick purchases without paying in full immediately. 

A consumer can obtain a credit limit of up to Rs 20,000 after signing up. From the day of purchase, there is a 14-day interest-free window to complete the payment. Using ePayLater is quite simple. Add things to your cart, select ePayLater as your payment method, enter the OTP received to your registered contact number, and complete the transaction! 

Because consumers don’t have to enter their bank account or credit card information during the checkout process or utilize other payment methods, using ePayLater is more convenient, quick, and seamless for users. Additionally, consumers can quickly repay later by following simple procedures online.

In a nutshell, there are three advantages to using ePayLater. The primary three benefits are the ability to Buy Now, Pay Later, enable a single-tap checkout process, and protect customer information from unneeded distribution.


Salary getting delayed by a day or two, a week, or, in extreme cases, a month is not your fault. Getting a loan is frequently your only choice when you need money. However, obtaining a loan requires paying interest and making installments. At that point, consider using buy now, pay later, a convenient approach to receive cash without making payments for a predetermined amount of time.

Unlike traditional credit, BNPL loans are primarily used for internet shopping and utility bill payments. They are quickly evolving into a standard sort of online transaction as a byproduct of this mix. When you need a little more money, BNPL can save your life with low interest rates and affordable payment alternatives. 

You will not be concerned about BNPL becoming a long-term burden because it is a short-term loan. Additionally, it is simpler to achieve credit score standards than a conventional loan.

Disclaimer: This article is not a substitute for professional financial advice. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and are solely for information purposes only. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Techgenyz or its members.


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