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11 Tips for Marketers on how to create admirable content

Aaron Wittersheim
Aaron Wittersheim
As Chief Operating Officer at Straight North, Aaron’s focus is on Internet marketing services, website service and technology. An accomplished entrepreneur with over 25 years of business, marketing and technology experience, Aaron has helped startups, middle market firms and Fortune 500 companies improve organizational structure and grow through his expertise.

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Social media content is leaning more and more toward visual content. This is a fact. The main reason is that people get more attracted to this type of content and they are also more likely to share it.

If you’re looking to grow online by driving up such things as clicks, engagement, and conversions, then the most admirable type of content you can for is visual marketing. It should have a central role to play in your campaign and is likely to be a major contributor to your success.

The ability to create visual content that is impactful, relatable, crave-worthy, and consistent is of the utmost importance in the world of content marketing.

There are lots of statistics here that lend credence to this claim:

  • Two-thirds of social media posts are visual in nature.
  • More than half of all internet users post original video content that they have created themselves.
  • Content that contains images tends to get up to 94% more views than content with no images.

It is therefore quite important to stand out with visual content. You also need to know what works for others in the same industry as you know that you can also figure out what to create to drive your conversion rates up. I suggest you an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals, SEMrush. Have a free trial now.

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Here are 11 tips that truly help you get there when you’re creating visual content so that it is ultimately admirable.

1. Custom Tweets rule

Custome Tweets

Most tweets are actually invisible. They get lost in the flood of tweets on the newsfeed. With a custom format, however, you’re likely to grab the valuable attention of readers. You could, for example, use a special font or add line breaks or some unique visual that is bound to make the tweet look a little different than normal. An emoji or two can help as well.

2. Let Buyers feel the Reality of your Product

Most people will skip over commercials they see on the web or on television. However, there are always those that catch our attention because they relate with us on a fundamental level. Think about the kind of impact your product or service has on your audience and use it to your advantage. The audience really doesn’t care about your service or product; they only care about how your service or product will positively affect their lives.

3. Embed Calls to Action

Call To Action Buttons

If you want to get more leads and engagement from your content, then you should add call-to-action buttons that will drive traffic to your site. Having calls to action on your website is important, but having the same on your social media posts is even more important. That way people know what step to take next after they see your post and they like it.

4. Don’t restrict yourself to just One Platform

You should consider sharing your visual content across multiple platforms. When you share across multiple platforms, then you have the opportunity to take your followers on one platform and convert them into followers on a different platform, growing your audience in the process and being right at the top of their minds. For the more wordy platforms, like Facebook, you can even have services like Edu Geeks Club Service and Superior Papers write some good sales copy for you.

5. Leverage your Images

Design Image

Images increase engagement in blog posts by up to 94%. As for Facebook, more than 75% of content was in the form of photos and it brought about 87% engagement. Other types of posts received just 4% engagement,
The best ways to optimize your content for social media is by using images and photos and also by adding hashtags. The thing with images is that they allow you to showcase the personality of your brand and business and also to increase conversions. Having a cover image on social media could increase your sales and so it’s worth it to have them on our profile.

6. Don’t forget about Content Management

Most businesses have a hard time managing different types of visuals and content. The thing is, though, that is engaging in this kind of marketing requires you to be a little more business-minded. You should use most of your efforts to establish and maintain a connection with your audience. To make your text content truly stand out and relate to your visual content, you can try this service.

Content Management

You should understand your audience and fulfill their wants in a way that is both easy to digest and comprehend. It’s all about strategy. If you’re looking to grow traffic in your site, then you should merge content creation with content distribution.

Have an editorial calendar to make your plan concrete to the team and also to help with transparency and accountability.

7. User-Generated Content is useful

User-generated content will enable you to leverage the content coming in from your fans, who never run out of content because they consume so much. That increases your credibility and also increases your reach due to the authentic contents coming in from your loyal followers.

When you have plenty of user-generated content, it shows how valuable your brand is and also allows you to get the perspective of your fans on your brand.

8. Don’t forget about Video Content

Mastering video is crucial to your success. Most users actually recall video content for a longer time than other kinds of content. Half of the users on YouTube will watch videos related to businesses and nearly two-thirds of web visitors will buy a product on an eCommerce site after watching a video.

Video Content

Video works well everywhere, including landing pages and social media sites like Instagram and Vine. They help you reach your fans in a way other types of content cannot.

9. Be a Risk Taker

When you’re told to produce admirable content, it typically implies that your ability to generate good content is the sole determinant of engagement rates. Don’t play it safe because that does not guarantee you anything. At the best, it ensures you will maintain the status quo. Calculated risks, on the other hand, cause your audience to admire your content and the authenticity of your business.

10. User Animated Gifs to tell a Story

An animated gif is a short clip that plays on a loop. It’s a great way to get your fans engaged while showcasing your brand personality without focusing too much on your product or service.

11. Photo Albums are your Friends

Photo Albums

It’s very easy to create photo albums on Google+ and Facebook. You can put hundreds of photos in them and then use them for events like parties and conferences and also for catalogs. The more pictures in your album, the higher the engagement since people have more to go through, comment on, and share. You can also create videos out of your photos to make them shareable across major platforms.


For your marketing strategy, find ways to get old marketing strategies and transform them. Breathe new life into them and make them more relatable. Your audience will appreciate that and your content will truly become admirable.


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