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Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021

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Being a law student can be stressful. There’s so much to do and endless studying, writing papers, etc. It’s a lot to juggle all your law school commitments plus daily life responsibilities. Fortunately, there are many organizational tools, document review software instruments, and apps to help make life easier as a law school student. Here are recommendations to help make your life easier.


Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021 1

It cannot be overstated how much a law student has to write and take notes, throughout law school. Therefore, keeping your notes organized is imperative to the success of a law student. It allows useful tools such as note storage, file collaboration, records audio, annotation tools, and page sketching. Everything you could imagine to enhance your note-taking capability and organization.


Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021 2

When you enter law school, you can be certain of one thing: you are reading and writing, A LOT! You will be required to write lots of papers for different classes and in various formats. This program will save you time in referencing, citing, and resourcing large amounts of information. You can later scan the cited documents at the end of the content, synchronizing and simplifying the process of citing research — a huge game-changer for law students.


Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021 3

As we’ve mentioned, you have to read, write and take lots of notes as a law student. There’s a chance you might need to have a lecture dedicated to you. Maybe the information is too dense to keep up on your own, maybe you have an injury and can’t take notes or maybe you have to miss a class and need someone to take notes for you. This software is perfect for you. It can dictate all your records to read later. How simple is that?


Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021 4

If you aren’t already using Dropbox, get ready to be obsessed! As a law student, you’re responsible for loads of classwork, lectures, presentations, and files. Storing any document is now best when done in a cloud format, that way you don’t lose or misplace important documentation. Depending on the account, you can increase your storage space if needed. Dropbox is a trusted software to store all your important documents as a law student.


Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021 5

As a law student, you have to memorize lots of information. Lots of students resort to flashcards to help memorize all the information. However, it can be challenging to keep all your flashcards organized, not lose any, and have them with you whenever you have a second to run through them. That’s where Quizlet comes in. This is an electronic version of flashcards. You can store as many as needed and there’s a shuffle button to switch them up. It makes it easier to keep them all together, organize them, and use them whenever you feel like it. Just pull them up on your phone and quiz yourself!

Class Timetable:

Class Timetable
Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021 6

As a law student, you have lots to juggle. Not just with your academics but your personal life. Staying organized is imperative to have success. Using Google calendar (or any calendar form) is helpful but managing classes specifically can be a lot. There’s a lot to manage just within your classes and it keeps changing each semester. With Class Timetable you can visually organize your class calendar, add notes and alerts. It’s basically like a Google Calendar — for your classes!


Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021 7

If you haven’t heard of Loio yet, it’s about to become your new favorite legal software program. Did you know you can buy software to help review legal documents? Imagine how much time you’d save with that efficiency! Loio is a document review software that comes in handy in a pinch!

You probably already know the importance of a solid filing system for documents, but what about double-checking your documents? While many legal offices will have paralegals or assistants to help with these tasks, you’ll be ahead of the game by utilizing this software. It will truly make a difference in your organization and proofreading productivity.

Scanner Pro:

Scanner Pro
Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021 8

You probably will have lots of documents to upload or scan to organize your course load. If you are currently working with a legal office or plan to, you will need to scan documents frequently. Scanner Pro is an easy way to simply scan using your phone. It will come in handy throughout your law school years, trust us.

Voice Memo:

Voice Memo
Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021 9

Every phone has voice memos available, but this app is not given enough credit by many. Law school students can especially feel its benefits. You will have lots of lectures throughout law school. You might need extra help with notes and studying for classes. Recording lectures helps if you need a refresher or if you’re cramming for a test, you can always go back to the recorded lecture and listen to it again.


Top 10 Must-have Software for Law Students in 2021 10

Calm can be used on the computer but most easily with an app. You can use their free basic features or upgrade to $79 annually to tap into all their variety of meditation and breathing exercises. Now, you might not think a meditation app would be necessary for a law student, but mindfulness and meditation have been proven to relieve stress and boost productivity. You don’t have to spend too much time, just a few minutes a day will help with all your law school priorities.

Hopefully, these software programs and apps will be helpful to your law school career. These programs will drastically help you stay focused, organized, and get ready for the legal workforce after graduation!


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