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Top 12 Tech accessories for Laptop and Tablet everyone should be possessing

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That hot new tablet you bought for yourself looks great and I’m sure you are all excited to use it, but once you drop it down your table, you will wish you also put a sturdy case to protect it from drops and scratches. None of the gadgets come with all you need right in the box. Irrespective of you purchasing a Tablet or a Laptop as a tech gift or for yourself, it’s going to need some extra rigs. Whether you are using your gadget for gaming, business or personal use there are a few must-have accessories to buy from memory cards, bags, cases, headphones and hard drives that make your gadget safer and easier to use.

Laptops and Tablets play an elementary role in our day to day lives, from surfing and working to playing video games and watching HD movies, these gadgets do everything you may think of.

So, here are 12 must have tech accessories to bring the best out of your gadget. Take a look.

Tablet cover and Laptop sleeve

Since safety comes first, the Tablet cover and the Laptop sleeves occupy the number one place in the list. Perhaps one of the apparent accessories you may think of when it comes to a Tablet accessory is a cover to secure the device from everything life offers like spills, scratches, drops and various probabilities. These cases come in all sizes and have varying features. While you slide your gadget into a cover you will want to make sure to position the Tablet so that you can access the ports. The gadget can slide either way and will be more difficult to withdraw when fastened the wrong way. When the Tablet is slid into the case, it clasps the gadget safely.

It is perilous to take your laptop to work without any protection; a simple drop can deplete thousands of rupees. A laptop sleeve secures your laptop from falls, bumps, and debris. The laptop sleeves provide storage while you travel and has a top zipper so you can easily retrieve your laptop.

This is a basic yet a must-have tech accessory for protecting your gadgets.

Tablet stand holder

Tablet Stand Holder

A tablet holder offers many advantages. It is versatile enough to use it while sitting, standing, at your office or while reading in bed. This stand holder reduces the stress on your wrists and neck that is initiated by holding your gadget or looking down. Sway your holder to your eye level and fancy hands-free browsing and reading. The sturdy base stops tipping and bouncing and offers a long adjustable outreach to place your gadget right there.

Your workouts will race when you can eye your favorite videos or TV shows while you sweat out. It’s a completely different experience when you don’t have to support your Tablet or get it in the right place.

A Tablet stand also does work wonders while you are busy in your kitchen trying new recipes. A Tablet holder is of great help in keeping the recipe in an arm’s length, making sure you don’t trip food on your Tablet too.

Stereo headset

Stereo Headset

Whether you are playing a game, enjoying some music or watching a movie, a good base with clear sound is very important. Investing in a quality stereo headset is a must to enhance your gaming experience or watching a movie without freaking out people around you. These are particularly helpful while you travel. It is a must-have accessory for people who choose to lose themselves in their own world and for all tech enthusiasts.

Cleaner toolkit

Your laptop has numerous tricky parts where cleaning without a toolkit seems impossible, which can lead to accumulation of dirt and dust over time. These cleaning solutions and little brushes reach the trickiest crevices and corners of your laptop and effectively discard the dust that is accumulated with time. It is fundamental to keep your laptop clean and neat to ensure optimum performance and longevity which is why investing in cleaning kits is a must.

Keyboard covers

Keyboard covers perform a commendable job by securing your laptop keys from scratches and spills. It is a transparent thin sheet made of plastic that blankets the keyboard. It can be unfastened while not in use. Besides protecting your keyboard, the covers may also have a variety of markings for shortcuts. Keyboard covers are available for numerous programs including illustrator, Pro tools, Photoshop and many many more. Obviously, not all keyboard covers are devised to aid you to execute something. Many of them are simple and just allow you to customize the look of your laptop. Laptop covers are available in multiple colors from rainbows to simple fades and from Disney to galaxies.

Cooling pads

A cooling pad is one of the most vital yet underappreciated laptop accessory as a lot of people don’t fathom its benefits, importance, and purpose. In situations where you are employing your laptops for longer durations, a cooling pad turns out to be a necessity. If you are looking at the longevity of your laptop and would like to circumvent certain serious heating issues, then investment on a cooling pad is a must. The new generation cooling pads are very sleek and do not occupy much space in your bag.

External hard disk

External Hard Disk

External hard drives are favored devices employed for backup of an unthinkable amount of data accounting to their convenience and low cost. You can effortlessly generate a backup of your entire system, videos, games, pictures and so much more, which enables you to use all the free space in your laptop and start fresh. They also aid in sharing games, entire discographies of your passionate artists, movies, and all the other large files.


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Portable USB flash drive

Portable USB Flashdrive

Portable USB devices are small devices that can easily slide into your pockets and store up to almost 1 TB of data. These tiny drives are extremely helpful for transferring vital data. A USB flash drive is an ideal storage counterpart for your laptop. A 4-8 GB USB drive is very essential for day to day data transfer and should always be kept handy in your laptop bag.

Gaming controller

Gaming Controller

A game controller is by far the best device used to play games because a console furnishes the best gaming experience. For professionals, a gaming controller is as important as water to fish. This device can be employed for all configurations, while it has a great compatibility with Windows 7 and Vista. This is one of the most amazing laptop accessories for games.


A lapdesk accommodates a lot of space for your Laptop or Tablet. This stylish and inn yet simple accessory possesses soft-touch wrist pads, they extend amazing stability and comfort for working on your gadget. The built-up heat on your device can cause issues with your Tablet or Laptop. A hot laptop slows down your computer operation and can also deteriorate because of reliability issues. The heat radiating from the bottom of your laptop can also make the process of your working on your lap very uncomfortable. Some laptops get so heated up that they cause a burn which is not a joke.

A lapdesk can aid eliminate or reduce heat issues altogether.

Bluetooth external speakers

Bluetooth External Speaker

Bluetooth external speakers are ideal accessories for all party freaks that enjoy loud music with amazing bass. Almost all Laptops and Tablets are known for their substandard speaker quality and that’s the reason these external Bluetooth speakers are a must-have. These are wireless speakers and can be connected to your device easily via Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers offer a great movie watching and media experience your Tablet or laptop speakers can ever furnish.

A Webcam


Almost all laptops come under a category betwixt horrifying blurry and blah. Although you appreciate your built-in camera, it is possible you have a hard time when your laptop screen is shut or docked. Webcams are less expensive than your video cameras and come in a wide array of models like wireless, pan and zoom, while others possess night vision capabilities and moment sensors.

Possessing a Laptop or a Tablet without these accessories is similar to having no sword while wearing an armor. These hot and must have tech accessories will make your laptop more productive proficient and will defiantly improve its longevity.


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