Top 8 Gadgets to Buy for a Student

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It is difficult to imagine a modern student without all kinds of gadgets designed for study, entertainment, and communication. Our selection includes eight types of devices that are particularly popular among young people.

1. Smartphones

A phone that just rings has long been perceived as a relic of the past – users expect much more functionality from such technology. At a minimum, the ability to remotely attend lectures and discuss important and not-so-important issues in chats with classmates.

In addition, for most students, it is important that the mobile can take high-quality pictures, support contactless payment, sound good, look stylish, and, preferably, be produced by a company with a big name. And if the smartphone is equipped with moisture protection, this is a great bonus.

2. Tablets

Tablets, compared to smartphones, are not as popular, but many students actively use them for study and leisure. For such devices, the priority characteristics include large screen size, the presence of a stylus, and processor performance. The ability to run any game during a trip to school is also considered a plus.

3. Smartwatch

Smartwatches are a type of technology that cannot be compromised. Therefore, it is better to choose such a gadget, listening not to the desire to save money, but to the need to get a functional device at your disposal.

In terms of functionality, these are products from the premium segment – they can do everything that a smartwatch can in principle. Call, listen to music, keep track of your workouts, and track your daily activity levels. Both watch models measure body parameters during sleep, so they will help you properly prepare for it. If necessary, you can connect them to other devices, such as wireless speakers or headphones.

4. Fitness bracelets

Despite the overlap in the functionality of smartwatches and fitness bracelets, many users prefer a gadget designed only for monitoring the state of the body. Yes, and the issue of savings is not the last place here – fitness trackers are much cheaper than smartwatches.

Gadgets provide the user with comprehensive information about the state of the body – from the pulse rate to the level of oxygen in the blood. They are ideal for training, giving you the opportunity to choose a specific sports profile – it can be a run, a figure skating lesson, and something else.

5. Wireless headphones

The absence of wires is freedom. Therefore, if you choose headphones, then only wireless. And it is desirable that they be compact. Headphones do an excellent job not only with sound reproduction but also with additional functions – control of voice assistants and work as a telephone headset.

6. Laptops

The question of whether a student needs a laptop is clearly rhetorical. Ask if the student needs textbooks! If ten years ago a person with a laptop at a lecture was conspicuous, today such a picture has long become commonplace.

Take notes in class, write a term paper in any convenient place, use the service, complete a laboratory using modern software, show a friend new memes during a break (well, we hope that it is during a break) – you can think of a lot of ways to use a laptop. And no, a desktop computer is not good! Only it is small, light, with a good battery, and powerful enough. This is how a modern student laptop should be.

7. Flash drives

Flash drives remain a popular accessory among students, despite the development of Internet services for storing and exchanging files. At a minimum, this is the most convenient way to bring the coursework downloaded from the Internet to the copy shop.

8. Electronic book

If a laptop is comfortable to carry with you and work on it to make notes, then more suitable devices have long been invented for reading large texts. Why lug around a bunch of heavy textbooks when they can all easily fit into a tiny e-reader? Such a gift will be appreciated not only by students of humanitarian specialties but also by techies because modern “readers” do an excellent job with both texts and graphs and tables.

In addition, all models use special E-Ink technology, thanks to which the text from the screen is perceived as printed on paper, and the eyes get tired much less.

Well, if you choose a model with a backlight, then you can read anywhere and anytime, without straining your dormitory neighbors with overhead light and without spoiling your eyesight under a too-dim light bulb! What else? A battery that lasts a few weeks on average, and enough memory to store the entire university library digitally. Indeed, the thing is not for entertainment, but for study!

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