5 Top B2B marketing strategies to try

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5In the world today, businesses must stay updated and be ready to adopt new marketing trends to stay ahead of their competitors and to attract more customers. Business to business (B2B) marketing is a strategy used when one business markets its products/services to another. This kind of marketing strategy is efficient when products from one business are key to another business’ operations. Take a look at some of the best marketing strategies for IT companies.

With the changing expectations of buyers and widespread utilization of marketing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, B2B is quickly changing. For you to get the most out of your marketing ambitions, you need to adopt the latest B2B trends to get the best for your business.

Here are five top B2B marketing strategies that you should try:

1. Big data, AI, and Hyper-Personalization

Previously, one to one selling was key. However, this approach was costly as sales representatives reached out to potential customers to nurture relationships and acquire new customers. Today, with the use of live chats and messaging apps, businesses can still apply conversational selling without having to hire many salespersons. Through the use of technologies, you can attract people to your website and converse with them to create relationships with potential customers. For this strategy to be effective, ensure the interactions are relevant and contextual.

2. Use visual content

Visual content leaves a lasting impression in people’s mind. A high percentage of B2B marketers prioritize visual content. With almost everyone owning a gadget that connects to the internet, use visual content to pitch your sales. Videos should be engaging and brief so as they can create an emotional connection with the audience. As part of the B2B marketing strategy, use visual content to tell your business’ story and to explain how major features work.

3. Optimize website and adopt current trend SEO

New customers start their research on the web on products and services. Therefore, you should have a website for your business that is visually engaging, easy for the audience to navigate and has important and relevant information that new customers need to know about your brand. Apart from having a website, ensure the website is optimized with the best SEO practices. Your landing page should have content that is search relevant to bring traffic on your website.

4. Utilize mobile marketing platforms

Today, people want fast access to information. Therefore, most people use their phones to search for service and product providers. Having a website that is mobile friendly will help your business to be recognized more and better communication with B2B buyers. Mobile marketing also allows you to use messaging to pitch your business to exciting or new B2B customers.

5. Big data, AI, and Hyper-Personalization

Over time, marketers collect a lot of information from their audience. With the use of AI technologies, this data can be used to analyze their customers in order to create highly personalized and relevant content that will create a touch base with their audience and lead to increased conversation rates.  Information technology companies encounter unique marketing challenges although there are abundant opportunities for them. Therefore, marketing for IT companies require the right strategies that you can find at Marion.

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