Top 7 best eCommerce Trends You Should Know

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The world of eCommerce continues to thrive as more and more people prefer to shop online. As online shopping grows in popularity, more companies are opening their doors to the challenge. 

If you’re already in eCommerce, it’ll be beneficial to look for ways to improve your skills and follow the trends to make your business more relevant. Also, you can visit site of various eCommerce leaders or check how your competitors are improving their game. 

To give you a big push, listed below are some of the top eCommerce trends you should know: 

1. Omnichannel Selling 

With the continuous rise of technology, people are now more comfortable knowing that there are various channels where they can shop for a particular brand. This allows them to see which option would be most convenient for them regarding experience, support, and shipping.  

For starters, you can quickly sell on an eCommerce website or mobile app and handle the packaging and shipping procedures of your items. Regarding shipment, consumers can now enable the click and collect option on some platforms. This option allows them to pay online and collect their goods at the nearest store to save on shipping fees. 

If you’re still new to eCommerce, you might consider selling at an online marketplace and taking advantage of the traffic to promote your products. Alternatively, a brick-and-mortar shop allows your customers to see the actual product. This enables them to get more comfortable with the product before purchasing it. 

2. Personalized Shopping Experience 

People prefer to see the things they’re highly interested in when they shop online. To hook your customers in, you can personalize their shopping experience by displaying the items they frequently check online. In addition, you can provide similar styles to give them more options. This way, they can see what they’re looking for and decide if it’s within their interest. 

On the other hand, when a consumer visits a website or an online store that introduces them to products that aren’t within their style or interest, it might not catch their attention. Hence, this makes them look for a different brand.

3. Chatbots 

Customer support should always be your top priority, as it can make or break your company. With poor service, customers would stay away from your business and wouldn’t recommend you to their peers. To utilize the time of your team members to handle more specific concerns, you can consider installing an AI chatbot

Chatbots | Image Credit: Canva

As you run your business, you’ll notice that more than half of your inquiries are from basic questions usually stated on your frequently asked questions (FAQs). By using chatbots, your customers can have answers to basic questions immediately. 

4. Prioritizing Sustainability 

People today are more conscious about their carbon footprint, as they’re trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. To please your customers and increase your market, you can try reducing your packaging materials, especially plastic. 

However, eCommerce might be a bit of a challenge, especially regarding packaging. Businesses need to secure their products by wrapping them with protective layers. Alternatively, you can switch to using eco-friendly materials, such as honeycomb wrappers or paper fillers. This way, you can still protect your items without using plastic films. 

5. Optimizing Mobile Shopping 

The world of mobile shopping provides maximum convenience for everyone. People today can make their purchases without ever setting foot in a store. They can do all their shopping in the comfort of their homes. With the number of mobile shoppers that an eCommerce business anticipates, optimizing your business for mobile users is a wise decision.

Mobile Shopping
Mobile Shopping | Image Credit: Canva

You can create a mobile app or optimize your website to provide the best mobile experience. Though this might cost you a bit, it’ll surely benefit your business in the long run. 

6. Multiple Payment Options

When shopping for goods, one of the most popular payment options is using a credit card or paying in cash. However, people nowadays are given more options to save and spend their money. To enable flexible payment, you can provide multiple payment options for your website. 

With this feature, you can include e-wallets, bank transfers, card payments, and cash. This helps to widen your customer base as some people only have a specific payment option in mind.  

7. Live Shopping 

Some people still prefer to see the actual product before purchasing it online. Due to bad experiences, some consumers won’t buy an item based solely on its appearance in online images. A great way to make your customers more at ease is by hosting live shopping. This way, you can show your products to your audience. 

Moreover, your customers can see your products and purchase them instantly. This also helps increase your market base as some consumers enjoy buying at live shopping online events. Furthermore, this allows you to engage with your audience so that they can get more comfortable with your brand. 


As you run an eCommerce business, knowing the latest trends will help attract the right people and make your business more relevant. 

You can host a live shopping event, increase your payment and shipping options, improve your customer service through chatbots, and even enhance your customer’s online shopping experience. With the latest trends, you can attract the right people and increase your profits. 

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