Top 10 best mobile app ideas of 2020

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Statistics show that the average American will pick up their phone once every 12 minutes, with most Americans admitting that they can’t go more than 10 minutes without a glimpse. All of this lends itself to 80 disparate points of phone usage throughout a single day. This might be bad news for those fearful of tech, but it is great news for those looking to develop the best mobile app or craft a unique startup opportunity.

In the present-day, people covet applications that allow them to manage daily life right from their phone or tablet. Mobile applications are a way to bring this dream into the realm of reality. Tech startups know this fact all too well. 

After all, bestowing individuals the capability to execute a slew of tasks at the push of a button isn’t just appealing, it is what our digital lives demand. The market is wide open to brilliant ideas in the world of mobile app development, yet finding the right idea isn’t always as straightforward one would think.

Of the hundreds of startups launched each year, only around half are able to survive to their fifth year. At the end of the day, a prosperous startup is only as good as its main idea. Coming up with mobile app ideas and opening the doors to longevity is key if you want your business or startup to succeed.

Given that mobile app downloads are expected to reach 353 billion by 2021, the time has never been better to ponder some concepts. Not sure where to start? Read on for the top 10 mobile app ideas of 2020.

1. Graphical Restaurant Reservation App

People enjoy dining out. Even more, people love making reservations straight from a mobile device. A booking app isn’t exactly revolutionary, but a graphical restaurant booking app might be. With a graphical reservation app, diners can confirm the layout of a restaurant and choose their desired table or seating arrangement while booking a reservation. If it is a booth a diner desires rather than a two-top, they suddenly have a bit more control over their dining situation.

2. Apps Enabled with Virtual Reality

Mobile application development services have long known that virtual reality is the way of the future. After all, what other aspects of tech is able to capture an entirely different reality in front of humans? When most of us think of VR, we think of gaming. Yet, 171 million users are finding VR can be used in many distinct manufacturing domains.

VR App
VR Glasses and cell phone on wooden desk | Image credit: Freepik

Merging VR with the IoT (internet of things) isn’t just smart, it is where tech is headed. Whether it’s a VR empowered dating app or a new way to do video conferencing, there is boundless potential in the VR sector of mobile application development.

3. Telemedicine and Healthcare Apps

Few topics are as pressing to the American public as healthcare. People need well-developed healthcare apps. Defined platforms that allow for patient and physician contact, accurate medical records, and even medication delivery updates are key.

Telemedicine apps are paramount in helping patients to take control of their health. In a world where it feels as if people are stuck in a hyper-loop of co-pays, deductibles, and health networks, telemedicine could just cede a bit of power back to the people.

4. Augmented Reality Apps

Ever wondered how a certain rug would look in your living room? How about an app that will show you what you will look like at age 80? Augmented reality allows those internal questions to become external realities. Augmented reality is a growing field that is becoming more and more prevalent. These apps can focus on entertainment, e-commerce, and even education. 

Mobile application development services can easily use this technology to play with the minds of users, stimulate the senses, and help people to accomplish their goals. The potential is untold!

5. Subscription Organization Apps

Most people are subscribed to more than ten different unique services. Keeping track of these subscriptions and bills can be a hassle, especially since many have them have been known to change the price without much warning.

Since subscription services like Netflix or Disney Plus aren’t going to go away anytime soon, a subscription organization app could be a top idea. This type of app can help users keep track of subscriptions and billing and even boast automatic payment systems to keep subscription services continuous.

6. General Home Service App

It may be a running joke that folks no longer like contacting service people on the phone, but it is a joke in which the punchline is all too true. A general home service app is a great way for renters or homeowners to connect with plumbers, electricians, or technicians right through an app.

They can receive estimates, updates on progress, and even advice from local professionals. Bonus points if your mobile app developer can allow users to pay for services straight through the app as well!

7. Blockchain Apps

The blockchain market is one of the most invested in tech sectors. Some estimates show that by 2023, blockchain will be worth some 23 billion dollars (USD).  While most people only think about blockchain in the context of cryptocurrency or finance, many are finding that there is so much more to blockchain than what meets the eye.

Blockchain Apps
Cryptocurrency And App | Image credit: Freepik

In fact, the core of blockchain is to store data in a completely secure way. Any firm that needs to store high-security data benefits from using blockchain development services. Whether it’s healthcare or investment, mobile apps geared toward utilizing blockchain will provide plentiful, effective solutions to a broad audience.

8. Tenant/Landlord Communication Apps

Renting a home or apartment is never easy, especially in terms of communication. A tenant/landlord communication app could allow landlords to find and directly communicate with potential renters without the need for a broker or dealer. This app could also allow existing tenants to communicate with landlords regarding maintenance, rent, or property issues. Since more than 100 million Americans rent, this app has the potential to reach a massive market.

9. Virtual Reality Travel Apps

Who wouldn’t want to travel to a foreign land before stepping foot off the plane? Invest in creating a mobile app dedicated to using AR navigation technology. With AR, travelers can find places to visit, see what’s throughout, and pinpoint local hot spots without having to go through the typical tumults travel planning can bring.

Add in elements of VR, such as a virtual tour, and tourists can truly glean what it will be like to visit a new destination. Americans spend $933 billion on travel each year, making the process a bit easier by hiring mobile developers could bring a new way of travel to life.

10. Interior Design Apps

Thanks to channels such as HGTV and platforms like Pinterest, interior design is bigger than ever. Sadly, sprucing up the home does not come handily to everyone. An interior design app can allow users to take a photograph of their room and envision it with different options.

Users can swap out paint colors, try different sofas, or even knock out a wall or two. It gives customers the ability to truly visualize a new room or home decor without costly trial and error. It can also reveal product dealers in the local area or allow users to purchase items right through the app.

The Takeaway

When coming up with ideas for the next big mobile app of 2020, strive to find a need and fill it. Ask yourself what could make your life or the life of another person easier or more entertaining. If you wouldn’t find it useful yourself, others will likely feel the same way. There are boundless opportunities for mobile app developers in 2020; you just have to think a bit outside the box. 

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