Top 5 enterprise level servers from Dell

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We are often approached by people who are new to the server world. They don’t know which server would be ideal for their business environment. Most of the businesses first consideration is always Dell, so I have listed down a few of the top enterprise servers that would help you to decide on buying the right server.

Dell PowerEdge R940xa

Ideal for Workloads:

  • GPU Database acceleration
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine learning
  • Compute-intensive applications

One year back in May 2018, Dell launched a new four-socket R940xa server. “XA” in R940xa stands for extreme aggregation of data. This server was built to tackle different performance restrictions faced with older PowerEdge servers. The exclusive Dell PowerEdge R940xa is known for its reduced statistical errors and enhanced response time, as compared to previous generation servers.

Ideal- Workload 4

It is designed specially to quicken applications so that it can deliver real-time performance for GPU database workloads. It can combine as many as 4 CPU’s in a 1:1 ratio with 4 GPUs. With direct-attached NVMe drive, you would experience lower latency rate. For faster computation, this server takes advantage of the CPUs RAM to migrate the heavy data into GPU RAM.

The product is ideal for workloads that are computer-layer-heavy.

Get Maximized Performance:

By combining four GPUs and four CPUs, Dell PowerEdge R940xa delivers consistently higher performance for heavy applications. Fulfill your evolving business-critical workloads effortlessly with

  • Four Intel Xeon scalable processors with up to 28 cores each.
  • With up to 8 FPGAs or four double-wide GPUs for application acceleration.
  • 48 DDR4 DIMM slots that support up to maximum 6TB of memory. Out of 48 DIMMs, up to 12 can be utilized for NVDIMMs. NVDIMMs improves data security, application performance, and system crash recovery time.
  • Scale the on-premise capacity effortlessly as R940xa comes with up to thirty-two 2.5” SSDs/HDDs. The server comes with up to four NVMe PCIe SSD supporting a maximum capacity of up to 132 TB.
  • The 4U rack server comes with iDRAC9 embedded management system with lifecycle controller. IDRAC9 is for remote server management, and the lifecycle controller helps to update the firmware using either Dell-based or local firmware repository.

Dell PowerEdge R840

Ideal for Workloads:

  • Data Analytics
  • Data Intensive applications
Ideal Workload 3

In 2018, Dell also launched another new four-socket PowerEdge R840 rack server. It is designed specially to “Turbocharge” data analytics. The new Dell PowerEdge R840 server is known as the scalable powerhouse that has a highly versatile storage arrangement and a big memory capacity. The R840 uses the same motherboard as of the PowerEdge R940xa that represents all four processors. If you ever feel the doubt of why should you buy dell server online in India, Dell PowerEdge R840 features are enough to give you peace of mind and you can relax while buying an enterprise server for your business.

Great Design:

The thermal model design of R840 allows it to support all the Xeon processor models with up to 28 platinum cores. The four sockets of R840 are flanked by 48 DIMM slots that can provide a maximum memory capacity of up to 6TB. The model supports up to 2 full-height FPGAs or 2 double-wide GPUs. With a revamped internal design compared to its predecessor R830, R840 offers 27% increase in CPU cores, twice the memory capacity and 62.5% enhancement in drive bays.

Storage Versatility:

Get maximum storage flexibility where you can scale capacity and performance with up to twenty-six 2.5” SSDs/HDDs or with up to 24 NVMe drives. In R840, you get the option of speeding up your data transfers with fully integrated ultra-path interconnects (UPIs).

Remote Management and Security:

You won’t get a better remote management system what you get with R840. The R840 sports the latest iDRAC9 chip with a management port. You get security as the firmware packages in R840 are cryptographically signed and the data can be easily wiped using iDRAC9 system erase feature.

New PowerEdge R740xd2:

Ideal for Workloads:

  • Big data server
  • Software-defined storage
  • Data Analysis
  • Service providers: data tier

Plenty of power, great design makes the Dell PowerEdge R740xd2 an ideal server for businesses who have the requirement for the massive storage capacity in their data centers. This 2U rack beast easily accommodates two Intel Xeon scalable processors of 22 cores each. But as we compare it with its predecessor R740xd, this server has a much lower memory capacity as it comes with only 16 DIMM slots that support a maximum of up to 512 GB memory. With an overall internal storage capacity of 364TB, the R740xd2 is best suitable for data-intensive workloads like video surveillance, media surveillance, big exchange mailboxes, and software-defined storage. The internal storage capacity is provided through 24 drive bays that can accommodate 3.5” SATA/SAS hard disks drive.

The remote management is well handled by Dell’s iDRAC9 enterprise that also has a sharp focus on security as it comes with system lockdown mode. The system lockdown mode stops the user in making any configuration changes. Full supply chain security is also provided as the firmware packages are cryptographically signed. The iDRAC9 presents a smart web interface where you would be able to access the complete information about the entire system that includes storage status, power consumption, performance along with hardware inventory and remote control.

The internal structure of the server looks a bit busy as it contains two CPUs, DIMM modules and many more. But the components here can be easily accessed for upgrades and maintenance.

Dell PowerEdge R640

Ideal for Workloads

  • Dense Private cloud
  • Dense software-defined storage
  • Virtualization
  • Service providers: application tier
  • HPC

Get a balanced combination of processing power, storage and rack density with the 14th generation Dell PowerEdge R640 server. The server is very well-known to have excellent hardware specification, storage choices, impressive processing density, iDRAC9 management, and clever NVMe implementation. The new internal cooling design of Dell PowerEdge R640 allows it to support any processor model of up to 205W 28 core platinum 8180.

The Dell PowerEdge R640 accommodates two Intel Xeon scalable processor with up to 28 cores per processor. The processors deliver a 50% increase in bandwidth and a 27% increase in processing as compared to the previous generation Xeon processors. The R640 comes with 24 DDR4 DIMM slots with a maximum memory capacity of 3TB and memory speed of up to 2666 MT/s.

Great Storage Options:

While deciding about the storage, you should make the right choice so that you don’t need to spend extra on future upgrades. Dell offers a load of storage options in its R640 model. You get a storage capacity of up to 64TB for which you can accommodate up to 10NVMe drives. If you have the need for a storage capacity of up to 58TB, then you can accommodate up to ten 2.5” SATA/SAS (SSD/HDD) with up to 8 NVMe SSD.

Ideal Workload 2

R640 has busy interiors, but the cabling is neatly tucked which helps you to have easy access to the key components. Like other enterprise servers, R640 also comes with the iDRAC9 system for remote management with smart HTML5-based web interface that delivers a load of information for effortless server operation.

Dell PowerEdge T640

Ideal for Workload:

  • Consolidation
  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Applications and imaging for finance, medical, and science
  • Business analytics and intelligence, Database
  • Software-defined technologies

Popularly known as the “Datacenter in a box,” this high-end beast is extremely powerful and scalable server ideal for fulfilling the needs of demanding workloads. The best part of this tower server is that it supports every Intel Xeon scalable processors. Because of the varied processor compatibility, the Dell PowerEdge T640 delivers versatility, has great storage potential, and have huge memory capacity.

Ideal Workload 3

The Dell PowerEdge can easily accommodate up to two Intel Xeon scalable processor, with up to 28 cores per processor. The processor helps to deliver a massive memory storage capacity of up to 3TB, as it comes with 24 DDR4 DIMM slots with a memory speed of up to 2666 MT/s. You get a mind-blowing storage capacity of up to 216 TB with up to eight or eighteen 3.5” SATA/SAS (SSD/HDD). If you want a lower capacity of 122TB, the tower server gives you the flexibility to accommodate up to thirty-two 2.5” SATA/SAS (SSD/HDD).

Like any other Dell server, T640 is also loaded with an iDRAC9 system with HTML5 web interface that provides the complete information of the server. The server comes with best security features as the firmware package is cryptographically signed and the system lockdown mode stops any user from making any configuration changes.

Obviously being the enterprise server, these are highly priced servers. Before buying any server, I suggest you go through various online websites for price comparison and configuration.

Disclaimer: We may earn a commission if you make any purchase by clicking our links. Please see our detailed guide here.

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