Top NFT portfolio tracker apps in 2022

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At the dawn of Web 2.0, many internet users across the globe started raising some interesting questions surrounding the concept of ‘ownership’ in a rapidly digitizing society. With modern computers, web users were able to gain high-quality jpegs of the world’s most renowned pieces of art, allowing them to effectively set Monet as their desktop background and enjoy a painting that’s valued at millions of dollars for virtually no cost whatsoever. 

But what opportunities are presented to modern artists working in digital spheres? Well, aside from over two decades of plagiarism, copyright infringements, and other forms of intellectual property crime, modern artists haven’t had much security online at all. That is until NFTs hit the market with a bang in 2021.

Although they’ve been around for just under ten years now, NFTs (or ‘non-fungible tokens’) have only emerged in the mainstream over these past few months in particular, with their sudden widespread popularity most likely being inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and its a widespread detrimental impact on creative professionals. People started trading these NFTs for various assets. Since everything is done digitally, anyone can sell NFTs in Malaysia or anywhere in the world.

Digital citizens across the globe have been investing in NFTs and using tracker apps developed for iOS as a means of keeping on top of their digital ‘galleries’, as it were. Of course, as NFTs differ significantly from ‘fungible’ (interchangeable) blockchain data like cryptocurrencies, not everyone investing in NFTs shares the same motivations. Naturally, your ideal NFT portfolio tracker app will largely depend on the nature of your NFT investment portfolio itself, and what you seek to gain as an investor in digital artists and their work.

Read on for a little overview of some of the best NFT tracker apps available on the market in 2022, as well as some tips and tricks for keeping on top of your selected NFT communities.


Designed to be a one-stop-shop for all things decentralized, the DappRadar website and its companion tracker app are both valuable platforms for keeping track of your NFT investments as well as discovering new NFT or Defi projects, as well as all the most topical apps within which you can spend any and all of your cryptos. 

The DappRadar community is also quite expansive as the platform is used by NFT influencers, independent artists, crypto investors, and even entrepreneurs and organizations like the NBA with its NBA TopShot app. As a result, DappRadar is also able to offer users access to free online events and giveaways including token deals and DappRadar AirDrop events.


If you’re looking for a platform upon which you’ll be able to find and connect with NFT artists, then look no further than the wide-reaching OpenSea. OpenSea feels a little like DeviantArt in its layout in the sense that NFT creators are given profiles that kind of double up to be ‘galleries’ wherein other OpenSea users can browse through their full public selection of NFTs. In fact, DeviantArt has recently collaborated with OpenSea themselves to ensure that artists with work on the former platform don’t wind up finding their work plagiarised on the latter and in the form of an NFT. 

There’s only one downside to OpenSea, however, and that’s the fact that you currently can’t actually purchase NFTs through the app itself, but simply keep track of the values of NFTs that you’re interested in or any that you own personally. This inability to invest directly through the OpenSea app may be due to disagreements with the iOS App Store, or it could also have something to do with OpenSea’s ongoing partnership with DeviantArt to curb cases of NFT infringement on both their respective platforms.


If you’re looking to invest in cryptos and decentralized applications as well as NFTs, then the Enjin wallet app may just be the perfect dual crypto and NFT investment tracker for you. Enjin is a highly adaptable application that has total compatibility with virtually all of the big-name blockchain stock that you may find yourself trading in alongside your NFTs.

As Enjin is capable of storing over a thousand different types of cryptocurrencies, you can even integrate your Enjin wallet with other more specialized wallet accounts, including your NFT investment portfolio. You can even trade your NFTs on the Enjin marketplace as well if you like. With all of these capabilities, you’re likely to find no personal portfolio limitations with the Enjin wallet app. 


Coinomi is another great jack of all trades-type NFT portfolio tracker, as it offers crypto wallet functionalities as well. You can also keep track of your collectibles and NFT investments right in your Coinomi wallet rather than having to deal with being redirected to other platforms. 

Another definite selling point of Coinomi is it’s streamlined, ‘no nonsense’ user interface. This app is comparatively grayscale in its color scheme where DappRadar, OpenSea, and Enjin are painfully flashy and thematic. Whilst some investors and independent artists may appreciate the good brand recognition demonstrated by the former apps on this list, there is something definitely appealing about Coinomi’s contrastingly toned-down style. This is an NFT portfolio tracker that will undoubtedly appeal to seasoned crypto investors.


Returning back to basics now, the NFTBank app is a great little NFT portfolio management app that’s proven to be reliable throughout the industry’s boom over the last year or so. NFTBank has always prided itself on its ability to reflect only the most up-to-date value listings and floor prices for all of your favorite NFT artists and providers. 

NFTBank’s determination for optimal accuracy also allows them to provide price estimates that are trusted by the most prominent and established NFT investors, making NFTBank one of the most valuable portfolio tracker apps for those who are looking to play it smart and are dead serious about making some money as an NFT investor.

Don’t forget to check your socials too!

Yes, whilst a good NFT portfolio tracker app or two will be able to keep 90% of your tracking responsibilities well and truly covered, there’s no denying that Twitter is the definitive place to go with regards to industry news and to get up close and personal with upcoming events or projects. NFT influencers differ considerably from influencers as they exist on Instagram in the sense that they interact a lot more readily with their follower base, and may even include community suggestions in their NFT art. As a result, the best way to stay on top of your NFT portfolio is to maintain contact with the community itself.

Alongside Twitter, Discord can also be a platform that NFT community members frequent consistently. Virtually all NFT influencers will develop their own Discord servers specifically for engaging their wider follower community and for hosting special events or giveaways. 

A defining feature of Web 3.0 will be blockchain technologies and what they will be able to offer both buyers and sellers operating in all industries. For fintech, the growing prevalence of blockchain cryptos has already shaped the trajectory of this sector’s continuing evolution. For digital artists, however, NFTs may prove to be the most solid solution available for the age-old dilemma that is ensuring artistic recognition and fair compensation for their work. 

Will NFTs play a pivotal role in shaping the future of creative industries? Will blockchain technology continue to provide independent creators with a consistent and reliable means of commodifying their creations and gaining international recognition for their work? The answers to these questions grow increasingly positive the more that people operating from a diverse array of industries interact with NFTs and make the medium their own. 

I suppose, however, that in order to really know, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

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