Top best RPA tools– Which is the best?

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In today’s highly competitive times, enterprises are constantly striving to be in the lead. As technology continues to evolve and enterprises take new steps to stride ahead, automation has taken precedence over other transformative tools. While there are numerous automation platforms available, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has made its way to the top, because of its ease of implementation and high success rate.

Perceived as indispensable by enterprises who have already embarked on their automation journey, RPA has become a unanimous choice amongst those who want to automate repetitive and rule-based processes. A favorite among digital operation heads and IT decision-makers, RPA has helped get the best out of existing resources, improvise legacy systems, and enabled quicker implementation. It has even permeated into the so-called rigid industries and made its presence felt to a great extent, making automation a part of their DNA.

Choosing the right RPA for your enterprise

Though RPA has become one of the most sought-after automation tools today, there is still confusion around its deployment. Enterprises are yet to realize the promised ROI and outcomes of RPA. While there are various factors that lead to the choice of best RPA tool, some of the basic and vital ones are ease of implementation, feasibility in terms of execution, functionality on the basis of ease of integration with legacy systems, exception handling, cost-saving, etc.

While ease of implementation and cost are important factors to consider, the new wave of automation requires integration with Artificial Intelligence. The future is in intelligent automation and is a major deciding factor in which RPA tool among the top best to adopt. Let’s look at the list of top RPA tools of 2020, that are a favourite amongst most enterprises.

The top 5 RPA tools of 2020

1. Automation Anywhere: Ranked No.1 by most analysts, Automation Anywhere is one of the most credible players in the market, enjoying the first-mover advantage of having a strong brand awareness as well as market penetration. Their presence and partner network across major geographies has also added to their credibility quotient. Their RPA tool is a good combination of conventional RPA and new elements of language understanding with the ability to read unstructured data. Suitable for business and IT operations, it makes good use of SMART automation technology and rapidly automates complex processes. It can also distribute tasks to multiple computers in no time and offers the feasibility of script-less automation.

2. UiPath: The second most popular RPA tool is that of UiPath. With the flexibility to be hosted in virtual terminals or cloud environments, it provides great support to a high range of applications. Adopting UiPath’s RPA means experiencing simplicity, high flexibility in terms of software accessibility, customizability, good integration capabilities, and the ability to operate in attended mode when required. Rich with features such as data extraction and scraping, native built-in intelligence, customers often talk about the ease it brings to the implementation process. UiPath also has an extensive community, and a strong training and certification program.

3. AssistEdge (EdgeVerve): The third most popular RPA ruling the charts is EdgerVerve’s AssistEdge. With direct integration with Infosys Nia™, it is a holistic suite of automation and AI capabilities catering to multiple industries and roles. It spans the entire gamut of automation continuum from deterministic through predictive to cognitive automation. Clients consider AssitEdge for their automation as it leverages its AI capabilities and also helps identify processes for automation, auto-scale existing bots and conduct sentiment analysis to drive decision making. Some of its capabilities that help drive digital transformation for an enterprise include Desktop Analytics and Mining, Attended Automation, RPA Automation, Security Management, Bot control and governance, Cognitive Automation, Machine Learning, and AI.

4. BluePrism: At number four is BluePrism RPA. It helps the business operation to be agile and cost-effective by automating, manual, rule-based back repetitive office processes. The tool provides a flow chart like a designer with drag and drops feature to automate various business processes. Clients choose BluePrism RPA for it can be easily implemented in a short time span of 4 to 6 weeks. A feature-rich tool, it doesn’t require programming skills to implement. It helps build highly efficient business processes with improved control room offering real-time feedback.

5. Kofax RPA: The 5th RPA tool in our list is Kofax Kapow’s RPA. Known for its ability to procure, augment and deliver information from any application or data source, it does so quite efficiently from a website, desktop apps and even enterprise systems, sans coding. What makes it one of the top 5 favourite RPA tools is its ability to help remove errors by automating data collection and input. It seamlessly increases operational efficiency with its intelligent robots. If you are looking at regularly monitoring and optimizing processes with robotic process intelligence, while being able to deploy, manage and execute robots from a centralized server, Kofax Kapow RPA lets you do all that and more with its in-built analytics and process intelligence.

So, these were the top best RPA choices of enterprises in 2020. Different enterprises seek different things from RPA and therefore it is important to pick the one that is best for your enterprise. If you have decided to embark on the automation journey and are wondering which RPA tool to adopt, list down your objectives and match them to available RPA options. So, if you have found the right match for your enterprise, implement it right away.

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