Top Social Media Influencers having age over 50 to follow in 2020

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When you talk about fashion, style, and trends you often look up to celebrities, stars, or youngsters. If you are fashion enthusiastic you often try to imitate them for their fashion trends, the way they carry themselves, and the way they appear in public. But do you really think it’s true? Do you really consider age to be a criterion for deciding fashion trends? No!

Look around you and you will come to a realization that age has nothing to do with fashion trends. Age can never be a bar to deciding how strongly you can influence the world of fashion and people seeking fashion tips. These days if you come to the visualization you will see many senior citizens and people over 50 have their own distinctive aura. The reality holds that some of these people have created a new age influencer on various platforms, especially social media platforms. Amazingly, some of them have become the most prominent and reputed social media influencers over 50.

Get to know about the top social media influencers who have created a strong sensation on various digital platforms in their old age with their influence:

Haley Fox –Lifestyle Blogger

Haley Fox is a lifestyle blogger who has a rich experience in the world of influencers through her regular posts on personal skincare, lifestyle, and various family activities. She keeps posting videos, pictures, and blog posts with a strong engagement that she creates by aptly responding to readers’ comments. If talking about the latest updates, she has 62.3k Instagram followers, 75k Facebook followers, and 1.33k YouTube subscribers.

Monica Cesarato – Food Blogger

Monica Cesarato is an experienced food and travel blogger from Venice. Be it food, bakery items, cakes, and any other tasty adventure in Venice or all of Italy, she has the aura that reaches influence. Moreover, she clearly portrays how to be a travel influencer while blogging on various tourist destinations, travel tips, and other essentials that can help you make your travel a memory that inspires and influences. As the latest updates, her Instagram followers are around 1,668 with an Instagram engagement rate of 2.07%.

monica cesarato

Vivi – Lifestyle Blogger

Vivi is an Italian lifestyle blogger who is creating content since the year 2015. From her first blog to date she has experienced an increasing number of followers who look upon her for news and trends on beauty, fashion, travel, health, travel, and home. With 11.9k Instagram followers, she portrays clean and engaging aesthetics with an Instagram engagement rate of 0.13%.


Sara LaFountain – Food & Lifestyle Influencer

Sara LaFountain is a food and lifestyle influencer who mainly targets moms who are packed with daily responsibilities. She excites the inner souls of all moms with interesting and inspiring posts on various food choices and lifestyle topics. Moreover, family travel, car reviews, family activities, and other similar parenting topics are also an integral part of her posts. In accordance with the latest updates, she has 9.29k Instagram followers, 11k Pinterest followers, 4.5k Facebook followers, 1.92k YouTube subscribers, and 17k Twitter, followers.

sara lafountain

Shauna Robertson – Fashion Influencer

Shauna Robertson is an engaging fashion influencer who showcases her personal confidence and beauty as an inspiration to women who looking to be confident and beautiful. Her colorful outfits and strong influencing posts become a major exemplification of proving her worth as a successful influencer even during her old age. As per the latest updates, she has more than 88k Instagram followers and 12k Facebook followers.

shauna robertson

Angelique Miles – Fitness Influencer

Angelique Miles breaks all records as a health influencer who speaks about fitness and health through all her inspiring and engaging posts. She also lays focus on practicing self-love and balanced nutrition for a healthy soul and a healthy body. In accordance with the latest update, she has around 40k Instagram followers.

Renia Jazdzyk – Fashion Influencer

Renia Jazdzyk is a reputed fashion blogger who showcases her elegant side through her fashion trends that has influenced much fashion enthusiasm across the world. A native resident of the UK showcases a fashion-stocked runway through her engaging content, videos, pictures, and another form of posts.

Lyn Slater – Fashion Blogger

Lyn Slater is one of the top fashion bloggers. She is associated with the popular blog Accidental Icon which she founded with all her aspirations and dreams to inspire women and guide them to add elegance and confidence to their persona irrespective of their age. She is also a social worker and does great work when it comes to visual storytelling. Her impeccable style and modern aesthetic appeal make her the most popular among her ever-growing followers.

Zippy Sandler – Travel & Lifestyle Influencer

Zippy Sandler is a charming personality who fascinates her followers in all possible ways. She keeps writing on travel and lifestyle with a view to inspire people to indulge in all forms of living a joyful life with ease and elegance. Her content and all her posts work as show-stoppers for all generations with a strong social media presence. As per the latest updates, she has 17.3k Instagram followers, 37k Facebook followers, 97k Twitter followers, and 2.3k TikTok followers.

The Bottom Line

Adding to these followers, there are many more people who are creating a revolution on social media platforms as top digital influencers to look for in 2020. All these are the epitome of success that clearly showcases that age is not a restriction, age is not a bra, and age is not a criterion for being successful or for starting something new. If you go by the other parameters then people over 50 are more engaging and true to their approach as they keep blending the years of experience they have gained in the real world with the style, aura, likes, and dislikes they carry all throughout the journey of their life. So, when a legacy combines with passion, there is nothing that can stop you.

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