How to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S10 (dr.fone-switch)

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One of the most familiar problems encountered by iPhone users is the stress, difficulty, and limitation to transfer data from iPhone to Android. Many are wary of this condition, and it consequently restricts them from owning a device or better still, sticking to their iPhone lest they lose data during transfer. Wouldn’t you question the sanctity of the process at the end of your data get lost because you cannot do essential phone to phone transfer without any troubles?

In this article, we shall thoroughly expound easy and essential tips on how to successfully transfer data from your iPhone device to other phones, especially Android devices. A good example we are considering here is Samsung S10. This method and approach beat every traditionally known way, and it is direct and user-friendly. In other words, it is something you can do by yourself.

Why do you transfer data?

Before going into the details, one might want to ask- why do we have to transfer data from one device to another? Indeed, there are diverse situations where someone would intend changing their device and does not want to lose any data whatsoever.

Here, perhaps other options might work if it was a transfer of data from similar devices- say from one Android to the other. However, the whole thing becomes somewhat tricky, and difficult when the switch is being made from an iPhone to any Android device such as Samsung Galaxy S10.

Besides, very importantly, the concerned person strives much as possible to keep all data intact. And then, the question goes thus? How best can this be achieved? Truthfully, in this present age, transfer or exchange of, or sharing of ideas is what makes the world go round.

In the same way, the transmission of data- be it a document, multimedia files, and others are expected to be hassle-free. Otherwise, it defies the beauty and essence of the much acknowledged and revered technology. Again, to transfer data from an iPhone device to an Android phone, specifically in a bid to switch device, how can you go about it?

At the moment…

Currently, there are few other methods of transferring data from iPhone to other phones- say an Android, but they do not offer complete efficiency and are someway not effective enough. In other words, one is very likely to lose their precious data in the process. Hence, the need for a more user-friendly and direct method, which is by a software called dr.fone- switch.

Transferring Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S10

In a bid to avoid any finger-biting or sorry feeling for the loss of data perhaps during the process of transferring from iPhone to Android, dr.fone- Switch is a software which caters to and is capable for the concern in question. Not only that, the software simplifies the whole process.

If you would like to switch from iPhone to Android, bearing in mind that Android is the most widely recognized and used OS in the world- it is not a strange or surprising decision to ditch the iOS device for some time. This even becomes more relatable as we now have closely-related devices to the iPhone in terms of performance and luxury such as the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Again, even though there are other several methods used, they require a step-by-step approach which is attributable to the particular data. For instance, if you would like to transfer music from your iPhone device to Android, it is a different thing entirely compared to if you are transferring photos and videos or calendars.

Step by Step Approach with dr.fone- switch

With dr.fone-Switch, you can enjoy seamless transfer of whatever data between any kinds of devices, be it iOS or Android. Not only that, unlike other methods, the software supports all models of phone- iPhone, Huawei, LG, Moto, Samsung, etc. Moreover, there is no other tool or method of transfer that is as fast as dr.fone- Switch (iOS) software, with a 100% guarantee that your data are secure during transfer.

1. In a single click, transfer all your data from iPhone to Android (Samsung Galaxy S10)

With this method, you can easily transfer your contacts, wherever they are (in iCloud, exchange, cloud account, device memory, etc) to an Android device

P.S.- To achieve much with this method, firstly make sure you sign into the accounts on your iPhone to transfer the contacts in your accounts.

A. Run the transfer tool

Launch the dr.fone- Switch software or tool on your Mac or Windows. click on the “switch” option.

B. Use a compatible USB cable to connect your iPhone and Android devices to your computer. Make sure your computer detects the two devices.

C. Start the data transfer from your iPhone to Android as shown below. Select the files you would like to transfer and click on “Start Transfer“. For the files that are not useful to you anymore, make sure you “clear data before copy“.

What if you do not have a computer at hand to execute the transfer? You can try the Android app of dr.fone- Switch. With this, you can directly transfer your data from your iOS device to Android without having to do any much grueling work.

2. One by One data transfer

As earlier mentioned, other than the dr.fone- Switch method, you can transfer your data through other means, which are equally free but consume a lot of time.

This method allows you to:

1. Transfer apps from iPhone to Android but you have to go through a lot of processes.

2. Transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via iCloud. This also requires much understanding of the process and setting.

3. Transfer iPhone text messages to Android with just 2 Android Apps. Now, imagine you do not have sufficient understanding of the use of the apps.

4. You can transfer photos from iPhone to Android. Even with this method, you might still need to use a third-party tool like dr.fone-Switch.


As a wrap, whatever method you choose, you must be on the lookout for certain things in a phone to phone transfer process/software/tool. These include compatibility- both for the source and target devices, supported file types, data security, and easiness. The rest of the transfer data to Android apps like Samsung Smart Switch, Verizon Content Transfer, and AT&T Mobile Transfer are great apps as well but in comparison to the dr.fone- Switch software, they are behind.

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