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7 Tricks about Facebook headlines you wish you knew before

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Facebook has become one of the best places to market your products and services as it hosts more than a billion people. This social media platform offers one of the greatest targeting options and it puts ads in front of the people that might really care about them.

What you say in those ads is still up to you, though.

There are many elements of a Facebook ad and they all matter if you want to sell something but the title is what will get your potential customers to click on your ad – and to your website. This is why you should be attentive to this deceptively small detail.

If you are still a bit unsure on how to create a compelling title, here are some tips on how to do that.

1. Be clear about what you are offering

With a vague title, people are not really willing to click on your ad because they do not know what is waiting for them on the other side.

Instead of this, you should try creating a title that precisely says what they will get if they click. This way there is no room for confusion.

2. Short headlines are more likely to attract people

Most people these days do not read much else past the title so you have to use your title to make your point without using too many words. Your ad title should be something that can grab the reader’s attention with just one look – most often, one look is all you’ll get.

Somewhere between 60-100 characters is the best way to go.

3. Include a call-to-action in your title

Entice them with an offer they can’t refuse. Research has shown that actionable titles get a lot more clicks. These titles leave readers without a doubt on what they’ll get as they click on your advertisement.
Use statements like ‘ Click Here To Get 20% off Now’!

4. Ask a question

“Questions make people curious – they create a desire to find out the answer. Writing headlines in the form of questions sound inviting and you should definitely try to rephrase your simple statement headlines into a powerful question one and see what happens” – explains Carlos McDonald, a Social Media Manager at Paperfellows.

Campaigns that contained questions have proved extremely successful in the past. This could be a great opportunity for your campaign too. If you ask a proper question, people will inevitably click on your ad to find out what is your answer.

5. Create accurate headings

An ad title is not compelling if it’s not written with perfect grammar and spelling. These mistakes can make you seem like you are not a professional and most people will not click on them.

To create accurate titles, you can use some of these free online tools and resources:

6. Use numbers

Have you noticed that you are attracted to articles with numbers in their titles more than others are? That’s because our brain can process information better in the form of a list – this is why listicles are extremely popular. Make use of their popularity and create content with a catchy title that starts with numbers. People will not only love the content. But they’ll also click on your ad much more than they generally would – even statistics support this.

7. Create limited-time offers with a sense of urgency

If the time to purchase something at a lower price is limited people will jump at that opportunity. They’ll have to click on your add too if the title informs them on this offer – if they don’t click, the chance will be lost and this is what you can take serious advantage of.

Statements like ‘ Limited offer: 20% off until Friday’ will definitely boost your click-through rate.

Final Thoughts

When creating a title for your ad, the most important thing is to think about what would entice you to click it. Clickbait is easy to see through, so try to lean more towards offering value and quality and less on aggressively selling and begging your potential customers to click.

Be smart about this, but also creative since the title is one of the first things people will see – it has a single opportunity to draw them in, so make it count.


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