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We bet you didn’t know all these tricks for a speedy and error-free texting

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Text messaging has become an essential tool for communication in the life of every person. If you think about how much time a person spends on SMS correspondence per day, you can really be surprised. Today, not only personal matters but also business issues are being resolved through messaging. But are you sure that you are effectively using your smartphone?

We decided to prepare some interesting tricks for you that you might not even have guessed about. Most of them greatly facilitate the process of writing text and even care about your privacy. So, are you ready to pump your skills in text messaging? You can use each of them immediately after familiarization, as they are so simple.

1. You can make your SMS without a single mistake

If you often correspond on business issues, then it will not be superfluous to be sure that your text is mistake-free. This is especially true if you are not a native speaker and have doubts about whether you write without any mistakes. You can create a free account on the Grammarly website and log in to your smartphone. Using this site, all your messages will be checked even during typing. If the mistake is detected, it will be highlighted in red and suggested on how to fix it. Also, if you need help creating a business texting, you can find a suitable author on the Online Writers Rating review website.

2. No time to read SMS? Let iPhone do it for you

Sometimes there is absolutely no time to read SMS. For example, when you are driving, or simply do not have the opportunity to look at the screen. You can set up voice playback of messages. To do this, you will need to go to the settings section, select Accessibility, further click on the Speech and just click Speak selection option. After these settings, when you receive SMS you will need to click Speak option.

3. Use the third-party keyboard to speed typing

If you spend a lot of time typing on your smartphone, you can use “Google Gboard”. It is suitable for both Android and iOS users. This keyboard allows you to type text much faster and just navigate throughout the text to correct mistakes. Also, this keyboard also allows you to quickly find various GIFs.

4. Speed up text typing with shortcuts

You can create keywords that you use most often in correspondence. For example, you can set the phrase “btw” to automatically replace “by the way”. To do this, go to the Keyboard section, and then to Text Replacement. You can mark your e-mail address with a certain character, so as not to waste time writing in full, and so on.

5. Need to move the cursor around? Just hold the spacebar

You must have come across the fact that when you write texting, then there are a lot of typos. But instead of scrolling through the entire text, you can hold down the space bar and simply move the cursor to the desired location. You can move the cursor not only left and right, but also up and down. Thus, you will speed up the typing process and there will be no need to delete all the text or waste time to reach the desired site.

6. Want to quickly add Spaces? Spacebar will help again

With this feature, you don’t need to switch to another keyboard to add a paragraph. You just need to double-click on the space bar.

7. How to fix a mistake quickly? Shake your iPhone

You know that you can fix the mistake using the back button, but there is a faster way. If you make a mistake, just shake your iPhone and the action will be canceled. Do not worry, each time you will be asked for confirmation to cancel the action.

8. Use WhatsApp to send one message to many users at once

Sometimes you need to send the same text to several users, but patience is not always enough for this – and time, by the way. But there is no need to send the text separately to each user.

  • You need to create a contact list to which you need to send an email. 
  • After that, you need to go to the new group and send SMS. 

Your messages will be sent to all recipients from the list. But there is one condition for this SMS to be accessible to all users, your number must be stored in the contacts of the recipient.

9. Pronounce the message in WhatsApp and it will be converted to text

When it’s not possible to write a message, you can simply hold down the microphone icon and dictate the text. Each of your words will be recorded automatically.

10. Don’t want someone to read your WhatsApp messages?

Create a PIN Code. Confidentiality of your correspondence is an important issue. Moreover, when your messages can be read by strangers. 

It’s not convenient for everyone to set a Pin for unlocking a smartphone, but there is a need to protect chats in WhatsApp. This is especially true when young children can take your phone to play and start sending unnecessary SMS to your colleagues and acquaintances. To avoid this, you can set a password on WhatsApp. Just download the Lock for WhatsApp and come up with a PIN code.

11. Want to add creative notes to texting?

It Is Possible with Handwritten Notes. In order to create a handwritten message, you simply need to turn your smartphone horizontally and select a handwritten keyboard. After the appearance of this keyboard, you can start writing any text by hand and easily switch to regular keyboard mode. This way you can create unique messages. Although this feature is more for entertainment, it can be very funny to exchange such messages with colleagues.

12. Need to send a text so that prying eyes did not see anything?

Use Invisible Ink. Many people do not like the fact that strangers can see their messages. When the iPhone is locked, then prying eyes have the opportunity to see the beginning of SMS without unlocking the smartphone. And with the help of invisible ink, the message text will become available only after the smartphone is completely unlocked, the messenger goes to and the message is clicked on. This feature is especially useful if you are among those who often forget their phone at the workplace without supervision.

The Final thoughts

Just a few simple actions and keyboard shortcuts can improve the process of writing business letters. Try to implement them into the process of creating texting and be surprised how you lived without them before. So do not waste time and start trying them in practice right now!


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