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Understanding the concept of Windows 10 Activator

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Windows 10 activator is a meaningful tool that works to get a licensed copy of Windows and Microsoft. The tool is free to use and is free of any malicious code and hence is widely used by people all around. 

In response to the process of activating windows, let us take you to a virtual understanding of why activation is important, how to activate windows, and what are the most important activators for Windows 10.

To be clear and precise, windows activation helps to generate a connection or a link between the licensed copy of the operating system and the computer system on which it has to be activated. The process goes as follows:

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Right-click 
  • Select properties from the displayed menu
  • From the displayed window click on the button to Activate Windows 
  • A screen is displayed where you need to enter the product key
  • Click Next
  • In some time your operating system will be activated

The process purely holds true if you have the product key but what if you don’t have a license for the same? What if your windows have been deactivated after a trial period of 30 days? What if you are not able to access the functionalities of Windows 10? The simple answer to these questions is ‘Windows 10 Activator’. The activator provides a permanent solution to licensing your operating system. 

To have a better insight and understanding of the activators, let us discuss here the top Windows 10 Activators.

Microsoft toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit is one of the most significant and effective activators but is valid only for a computer system with an architecture of 64-bit. The activator helps you run all operations completely free of cost for lifelong. You even get an opportunity to upgrade the operating system whenever a new version is released by Microsoft Office. The processes to install and activate Microsoft Toolkit is as follows:

  • First download the activator from a reliable source
  • Install the same on your windows supported computer or laptop
  • Click on the windows icon and allow the windows to launch
  • Then browse to the activation tab
  • Click EZ activation
  • This will run the functional file of the activator 
  • The actual activation process begins 
  • The system restarts itself
  • You get an activated copy of windows 10

KMSAuto Lite 

KMSAuto Lite is another effective Windows 10 Activator that is used to activate various copies of the Windows 10 and MS Office. It works as a significant alternative to get a free license for attaining a fully functional operating system. The only drawback of this activator is that it works on a virtual based server and whenever due to any reason the server gets deleted, the activation fails and the working of the operating system gets deactivated. The process to activate window activator is as follows:

  • Download the archive file
  • Then extract the functional file KMSAuto Net.exe 
  • Run the .exe file
  • Open the activator
  • Click on activation
  • Then process to activate windows
  • Once the process is completed, restart your computer

Windows 10 Loader

This is one of the top 3 Windows 10 activators that was introduced by Daz. This activator is most adaptable to almost all versions of windows and gives a complete feel and assurance of a genuine licensed version. The system works perfectly for a 32-bit or 64-bit system. The activator gives way to activation through a legal code that is injected into the windows. The code is known as System Licensed Internal Code (SLIC). The process to activate this activator is as follows:

  • Download the required version of the tool depending on the architecture of your computer
  • Extract the .exe file
  • Run the file
  • Click activate 
  • Let the process activate
  • Once done restart the computer
  • Windows 10 gets activated

After knowing the top activators, let us get into understanding the common features of these activators.

Some of the common features include:

  • Activators mainly support all editions
  • There are no pop-up ads and malicious code arising from the activation
  • The activation process and the activator is completely free of cost
  • Activation through activators does not need any internet connection
  • You get a genuine license by installing and activating the activators


Talking about the current scenario, Windows 10 is the best operating system for personal as well as professional use. Though the licensed key is costly to buy there are ways that can be attained to get a genuine license. You can easily upgrade the version from 7 or 8 to version 10 of the Windows. The best aspect is that you can upgrade to Windows 10 free of cost because now Windows 7 will soon be discontinued and no computer system will have this version. Everyone in need of having a fully functional operating system can now have all the essentials of running the complete office suite using the activators. 

However, you need to keep in mind that before using the activator of your choice you need to turn off the anti-virus program installed on your computer. If not done so, the application may be considered malicious and your system will not allow the download of the activator. Once installed and windows activated, you can certainly turn on the anti-virus program for future protection. 


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