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5 unknown facts and business benefits of Internet of Things

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Business people know that the internet of things cannot be ignored; it is one of the engines of growth in business. Any business that takes advantage of the IoT remains competitive regardless of its industry of operation. Businesses benefit from a large amount of data provided as well as by the adoption of digital transformation. As customers connect to various devices, businesses enjoy invaluable data received from synchronizing the devices.

Improve Efficiencies and Productivity

The oil and gas companies are already making use of IoT to increase their productivity. They use the technology to locate, observe, and manage their assets. By relying on IoT they deliver cloud connectivity and machine-to-machine connectivity thus increasing safety and operational efficiencies.

Internet of Things
As long as a business uses the right technology and implements it properly, the business is bound to achieve increased productivity and to improve its processes. According to a research, companies that use EMM to support their mobile infrastructure experience increased employee morale and productivity. The source of these benefits is allowing employees to work from anywhere.

Protecting Valuable Data

Data is the blood of successful business. Most people use their mobile phones for enterprise related activities. Today, organizations provide mobile phones to their employees for communication. Unfortunately, phones get lost or are stolen very easily. Since they may contain very sensitive information, it exposes the business to certain risk if the information is leaked from a stolen phone.

With IoT, employees could configure the phones remotely so as to identify any suspicious activities like phone calls or messages. They can track messages or phone calls and stop malicious activity. In fact, some software also allows the deletion of any potentially dangerous mobile apps. This will help to maintain the security and privacy of important company data on the mobile phone.

Better Decision Making

The best way to meet the needs of the customer is to understand their needs first. What a better way to use other than the IoT? The technology relies on sensors to provide accurate information.

The information is level-based and so it provides accurate ways of meeting the needs of the people. Meeting needs in such a specific way increases the level of customer satisfaction and experience. It is easy to provide services such as hyper-local advertising, pushing relevant information, easy navigation, and couponing.

Improved customer experiences

Businesses which use IoT get important data such as customer buying patterns, consumer behavior, and individual preferences amongst others. The data allows business to gather the information then analyze it to get a better understanding of customer behavior. The business can work with a reliable IoT service provider to send out a customized update on new products, discounts or sales depending on the preferences of the customer.

An Innovative Marketing Strategy

Today, businesses no longer wait for the customer to find them; they have to look for creative ways to reach out to their customers. Mobile devices provide an excellent platform in which businesses can use to reach their customers. Social media is one of the most efficient ways of marketing and also remaining in the environment of the customers’ space.


Every business is looking for ways to stay ahead of their competitors. Better decision making, increased productivity and innovative strategies all help the business to remain on top of the competition. IoT is, therefore, the perfect solution for any business that wants to be ahead in its respective industry.


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