6 Unusual things that people buy and sell online

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Buying rubbish online is a national, actually no, an international pastime. Last year, in 2018, there were an estimated 1.8 BILLION online shoppers. Now it’s fair to say the vast majority of these customers are buying normal, everyday items and purchases. But there must be a load of strange and unusual things that can be bought and sold online.

It used to be said that if it existed you could buy it on eBay, but things have moved on from that and you will be astounded at some of the things people can, and do, buy and sell online. Now we are talking exclusively about completely legal things in this article, there is all manner of illegal activities online, especially on the dark web, but that is not something that this writer would recommend or advise to do.

Revenge on your enemies

We all have those people in our lives who deserve to be taken down a peg or two, and we feel the urge to seek revenge when they have wronged us. Now as we’ve just said there are plenty of illegal activities online and it’s best to steer clear of these, and the internet is getting better at stopping such activities.

One novel way of getting back at people that we found online was this website where you can send a bag of poop to their address! It even has the option of choosing which animal the offending article will come from, with the choices of Cow, Elephant, Gorilla and a combo of all the above, nice!

‘Not’ a Cell phone

A fake phone that is literally a rubber brick! We have heard of bricking your device if you do something wrong to it, but these come pre-bricked in a sense. It is the ‘noPhone’ a fake phone (literally) to combat screen addiction, it has no screen, no calling capability, it is just a phone-shaped piece of rubber to hold.

If this is already as unbelievable as it comes there is even an ‘invisible’ version known as the noPhone Air available to buy! This makes the phrase that your proverbial good salesperson could sell sand to the Arabs or snow to the Eskimos seem almost a realistic possibility? But really what this shows is that there is mileage in the thinking that you can sell an idea.

Although this being said we have no idea whether the company is making any money from this ridiculous product. It also begs the question, what comes next? ‘The Blandwich’ for those who want to lose weight, or perhaps the ‘Nay-dio’ for those addicted to listening to music?

Online gaming characters, objects & accounts

Not only is gaming available online but do you know that you can buy a whole host of online additions, extras and add-ons for online games. These can include anything from new maps to weapons or even abilities for characters, in some games you can buy outfits, some practical like armor, etc. and some just decorative.

These purchases are often the best or even the only way to make timely or decent progress in a game and it is how game producers make much of their money, and this applies to all sorts of gaming, such as PC gaming, mobile games on tablets and cell phones and even PC and MAC games.

But were you aware that there is also a huge market for reselling these online commodities? You need to be careful where you buy them from as many of the games do not like this trade as it takes away from their own sales.

So you will want to ensure that you get some guarantee that you won’t buy a profile that will be shut down shortly after purchase, this often happens if the seller sells an account twice and so the login gets used by more than one user. A good reseller will allow you to Buy LoL accounts without this as they can give you certain guarantees.

A human soul

If you are worried about your place in the afterlife and want to secure your place there have been ways of doing this going back centuries. The Catholic church has been selling access to a clean soul going back throughout history. You may or may not buy into this notion but there has always been a trade in such matters.

So why should the Pope have exclusive rights to this, and he doesn’t you can even go to the other side as The Demonic Satanic Church allows you to buy, or even sell, a soul from the comfort of your own home. Who said the internet lacked substance and it goes to show you can pretty much trade in anything on the internet.

A Friend

It has often been said that people who spend all of their time online are missing out on life, in fact, they are often portrayed as friendless losers! But this is surely unfair, you can have a vibrant active social life online, can you not? Well, online gaming has to be an area where people can meet, interact and they are playing together, so why is this any different from someone joining a sport or social club?

Just because the interaction is not facing to face, you shouldn’t dismiss the value of these types of friendships, marriages and children have even come of these. In a more odd turn, you can also rent a friend online, really for any occasion pretty much.

Used Bathwater (Yes, Really)

I think it’s only right that we should end on another somewhat weird one. British Instagram influencer Belle Delphin sold her used bathwater at £24 per jar (around $30), and it sold out within days of going on sale.

I’m all for personal freedoms but, in my opinion, the buyers need to question their motivations? There were even suggestions that one fan became ill after drinking it, how true this remains questionable!

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