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How to use LinkedIn marketing to build brand reputation

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LinkedIn has successfully established itself as a premier social media site for professionals since it was launched in 2003. This platform already has an estimated 467 million users worldwide, providing the professionals with a conducive platform where they can build network connections as well as advertise their businesses.

LinkedIn demonstrates that its role is imperative in marketing strategy. According to a study, 50% of B2B consumers use LinkedIn in making purchase decisions. LinkedIn also lands on the top spot in 2017 as the most effective social media platform among B2B users.

Below are the top pieces of advice on how you can maximize the presence of your brand on the platform.

The Users of LinkedIn

LinkedIn proffers a strong global network with 71.5% of its users residing outside the US. Those brands who possess a worldwide presence can sway this audience to boost their business in different markets.

Linkedin Users

It’s also worth to note that LinkedIn receives 57% of its traffic from mobile devices. The inexorable growth of mobile across social media platforms already stimulates a considerable conversion. It’s pretty clear that mobile devices play a significant role in remaining connected to the business-minded users of LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn Marketing To Boost Brand Reputation

LinkedIn is a networking site for the business that’s why it provides the opportunity to get the business place first in front of numerous prospective customers.

LinkedIn Marketing

It’s advisable to take advantage of the opportunity it offers to create a strong brand impression to the page visitors of your company. The logo of your business will be prominently displayed, but you can also make a background banner on your page.

Customize Your Page’ Contents For the Audience

Take your LinkedIn branding one step ahead by customizing the contents, regardless if your LinkedIn profile is complete or not.

As a substitute for copying and pasting the materials you put on your main website, consider your target audience on LinkedIn and create contents that will speak to these professional audiences on behalf of your business.

LinkedIn Customize Page

Let the people know what sets your company apart from others in the industry and that your business is always ready to serve the customers.

Take your cue from one of the most followed company pages like Coca-Cola. This soft drink mogul successfully builds a LinkedIn company page through engaging the audience with brand updates, business news and professionally focused feeds. It dominates the digital marketing society despite being a B2C company.

Use Keywords In the Entire Profile

Using keywords throughout your whole profile is an intelligent move in LinkedIn as it offers various types of content that you can develop. It includes career tabs/cards, business description, and specialty pages.

Use these advantages to incorporate keywords that will help people locate your business profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Keywords Summary

Utilize LinkedIn Publishing Platforms

Post consistent industry and brand updates and create thought-leadership pieces using the publishing platforms on LinkedIn. This platform has built a strong name for itself as a credible publishing platform, and it’s easy to see the reasons why.

Before, publishing articles on LinkedIn used to be reserved for selected sectors. Fortunately, in present times, it opens another gate of opportunity for every user and company through self-publishing materials which can be used to promote brands to prospective customers.

LinkedIn Publishing Platforms

LinkedIn also bears a high domain authority with different search engines like Google. It means that the materials you publish help boost brand reputation outside the platform and ranks high in search results.

Collect Recommendations From Satisfied Customers

Another unique feature of LinkedIn is that it allows you to display reviews from the past clients. However, don’t just wait for people to leave a review, ask for it if possible.

LinkedIn Recommendation

Be proactive and ask the customers to leave reviews for your brand. It’s an excellent way to build reputation and credibility for your business since LinkedIn allows you to display reviews.

Take Into Account the Mobile Users In Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Because so many users access LinkedIn through different mobile devices, make sure that you create contents that fit these devices.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Mobile

Avoid using Flash since it does not work on iPads and iPhones. Check your video formats as well and only use video formats that will easily play on any mobile devices.

Create a Conducive Business Group

You need to create a favorable group where brand employees, prospective customers, and clients can actively communicate with each other.

Groups on LinkedIn provides unique opportunity to encourage conversation among users and to keep people connected to your business including the prospective and past customers.

LinkedIn Business Group

To create a group just click the work icon on the upper right portion of your LinkedIn profile then select ‘Groups.’ Click on the next page and choose ‘My Groups’ on the left part of the page. Finally, click ‘Create Group.’

Track Your LinkedIn Traffic

Trace the traffic of your Linkedin to check where your efforts are heading. After building a strong company page, track your progress on LinkedIn. And through referral traffics entering your main site from LinkedIn, measure the quality of traffic and the volume of people that arrives on your site.


Check how the audience interacts with the site, and how much revenue you derive from the conversion rate. You can use these statistics to assess your success rate at attracting the audience. Adjust your efforts in LinkedIn to expand your returns just like how you do it in other web property.


Suffice to say; a LinkedIn profile is a perfect social media platform for professionals around the world who wants to expand their networks and reach a different market. When it comes to business, LinkedIn is a perfect place to establish leadership and build a presence among prospective clients.

Learn how to utilize social media platforms like Linkedin that will make you have better engagements with customers.


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