Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM boost cybersecurity

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Vladimir Cizelj, Ph.D., and a renowned expert in the field of ICT security have long realized that although the benefits of digitization are numerous, it has also brought a few challenges in terms of security and privacy of data stored and exchanged online.

To keep all critical data well-protected against malicious cyberattacks, all organizations need to implement a strong, multi-layered defense system that will prevent data loss and misuse.

Aware of that fact, Vladimir Cizelj and his team of experts at VLATACOM Institute decided to focus on the development of security systems designed to make cyberspace safer.

What is cybersecurity and how can you improve it?

Cybersecurity refers to all activities, approaches, solutions, and measures that are put into effect in order to keep information and communication technologies, systems, programs, and networks, as well as all the confidential data stored and exchanged there, protected against constantly evolving cyber threats. The main goal of these digital attacks is gaining control over sensitive information and often result in data loss, data manipulation, and data misuse. Also, they cause a disruption in normal business procedures and can even seriously jeopardize national security.

Hackers use different tactics to hijack data – malware, ransomware, phishing, DOS attacks, crypto-jacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, and unauthorized access are just some of their favorite tricks. For this reason, adopting a cutting-edge, multifaceted ICT security solution is the only way to fend off harmful attacks and protect critical data, personal information, government intelligence, and business documentation used by many organizations and services.

A well-thought-out defense strategy should consist of various systems and solutions designed to protect virtual data, including application security, data loss prevention, cloud security, identity and access management, network security, intrusion detection systems, and so on. By implementing such a diverse cybersecurity system various organizations, governments, and businesses ensure that their data stays intact.

What are some of the most effective VLATACOM’s ICT solutions?

ICT security solutions developed and launched by VLATACOM Institute and its founder, Vladimir Cizelj, are rightfully considered some of the best on the market. They focus on the development of various encryption and authentication devices, traffic control and management systems, safe city solutions, electronic ID technologies, and public safety communication systems. Their aim is to provide an integrated approach to cybersecurity that guarantees results. The institute takes pride in the fact that they manufacture and integrate top-notch security systems all around the globe and their solutions are used in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

Besides Vladimir Cizelj, who is an already distinguished scientist and engineer, the entire team of experts, professors, and postgraduate students is working on developing state-of-the-art products and services that are known for their outstanding performance, great reliability, and premium security they offer to the users.

Some of the most effective ICT security solutions developed by the institute are Vlatacom’s Personal Crypto Platform for File encryption and Cloud collaboration (vPCP-FC), Vlatacom’s Key Distribution System (vKDS), and Vlatacom’s Reliable Communication Channel (vREBECCA).

vPCP-FC is specifically designed to ensure safe file transfer when a public internet network is used. vKDD enables secure device authentication and allows sensitive data to be safely distributed. vREBECCA is an encryption device used to create a safe and secure communication channel.

Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM: the road to success

Vladimir Cizelj is an engineer by profession and a scientist, academician, and entrepreneur by heart, so he finds new and unexplored technologies particularly interesting. Ever since he got his first job, Cizelj has been focused on research and development of information, communication, and security systems and technologies that not only ensure data safety but also promote socio-economic growth and prosperity.

As soon as all the conditions were met, Vladimir Cizelj decided to take the plunge and establish his own company – Vltacom Ltd. In the beginning, it was a small company that represented Motorola products and services in Serbia. However, it didn’t take long for it to grow – in 2015, VLATACOM was recognized as the first Serbian privately owned research and development institute that focuses on information and communication technologies.

Today, both the institute and Vladimir Cizelj are well-known in the field of ICT and have won various awards for outstanding achievements that have taken cybersecurity to the next level.

To conclude

Devising an effective defense strategy and implementing an advanced, versatile ICT security solution to prevent sensitive data from exploitation should be a top priority of every organization, regardless of its size.

Security solutions patented by Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM Institute are just the thing that is needed to keep digital data well-protected.

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