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Voice search technology – How it influences the people

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Okay Google, find me a fine dining restaurant in my area.

Siri, set a reminder for my appointment with a dentist next Thursday.

You guessed it, haven’t you? Voice search technology is a household name, and it won’t be wrong to say that even toddlers are familiar with it today. In fact, anyone with access to a smartphone or a laptop has had some kind of experience with this interactive technology.

Voice search technology is slowly but surely altering the ways with our devices, helping us to complete multiple different tasks efficiently, such as checking the weather or ordering a pizza, by using just our voice.

Voice tech, an innovative and interactive medium for online searches

Carrying out searches as per your requirements is rather easy with the voice technology. Studies have indicated that a great number of people use a voice-controlled interface already. And many people are planning on switching to such systems in the future. In fact, surveys have highlighted that smart home device owners already shop by voice.

However, despite the development in the smart home device market, people still carry out the majority of the voice interactions on their smartphones.

Even a few years ago, voice search technique recorded around 20% of all mobile queries. And this is only going to elevate further as more people realize how convenient it is to ask their phones a question, instead of typing out words on a small touchscreen. With time, this is definitely going to transform even further with mobile voice apps letting people multitask and search on the go.

Voice tech will merge with AI to provide an optimum user experience

Today, it’s impossible for us to talk about voice technology without mentioning artificial intelligence. These are basically two sides of a coin, that work towards achieving a common objective, i.e. a supreme user experience. On one hand, marketers are attempting to personalize the overall experience of the people.

On the other hand, the device manufacturers are taking a keen interest in polishing the AI technology in the hope of enhancing the predictive search abilities.

As AI turns more capable and smarter, voice assistants will be able to present suggestions by delving into an individual’s purchase history: “Would you like to reorder a bottle of mustard sauce?” “Is it time to renew your yearly subscription of the Wall Street Journal?” By understanding how you conduct searches, where you shop and what you buy, virtual assistants and mobile-based apps will be able to tell your needs and make your lives a lot simpler.

Every object would soon come with a voice assistance

The voice technology revolution is slowly, but steadily taking over the internet of things (IoT). Soon, the household objects, from refrigerators to washing machines, from dishwashers to ACs, will feature voice capabilities. If you can control them with touch, you’ll also be able to interact with it in the future.

In fact, if things go right, you can even wear them. There’s a wearable voice revolution on the horizon as well. Amazon is already working towards integrating voice-assistance into fitness trackers, smartwatches, headphones, and other gadgets. According to reports, these devices won’t get direct access to Alexa but rather will pair with Bluetooth, which then can be connected to the Alexa app.

The bigger picture

Now, there is an element of trust that comes into play since many organizations are in the process of presenting their devices that you can select. Amazon currently holds the leading position in the development of this technology. Google is a close second in respect, followed by other companies like Apple, Sonos, etc.

Now, consumers also need to believe that outcomes that are derived from the AI-powered devices are accurate and will lead to greater efficiency. “This trust factor requires the organizations to put the consumer first, now more than ever before.

These companies must come up with ways to increase value and generate revenue, while also keeping the needs and expectations of consumers at the forefront. Otherwise, their attempt to implement voice tech will never be successful,” opines Jeff Buckley, an academic expert at MyAssignmentHelp.

In conclusion

Voice technology is efficient in multiple ways. It can be utilized as a predictive tool to assist you in reordering different items with a voice command. It can even allow you to order your usual Starbucks drink when you’re off to work through the voice AI system in your car. Similarly, the scope for businesses is also equally promising and humongous. But all this will be possible when the technology is appropriately optimized for voice search.


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