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Want an Easy Fix for Your Brand Experience? Read This

Vinod Janapala
Vinod Janapala
Vinod Janapala is Senior Product Marketing Manager at piHappiness - Customer Feedback App & Survey Software. piHappiness is a top customer feedback software designed to collect customer feedback on Web, iPad & Android tablets. Vinod is keen on such topics as marketing, SaaS challenges, and Personal Growth.

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Brand Experience Management has been a very serious point of discussion amongst businesses all across the world in the 21st century. How a customer perceives your brand is one of the most important components of building a prominent brand image and setting your business as a solid player amongst the competition.

Fulfilling your brand’s promise, servicing the customers optimally, and providing them with the best customer experience are the major components in the playing field of building a rigid brand experience.

Marketing plays a vital role in how the brand promises are conveyed and if they need to be changed based on the climate of the marketplace. Uniqueness, sustainability, and relevance are the prominent factors in determining how your business’s brand experience comes out. So, do you want to elevate your brand experience and set yourself apart from the competition? Let’s dive deeper into how your business can accomplish that with various tools like using a brand experience software.

Ways to Improve Your Brand Experience:

Every business has to ask itself to build a solid brand experience, which is the most differentiating value their brand is offering the customers. Once this is identified, the following tips will help you in building a robust brand experience strategy:

1. Realism over pretends business:

Customer experience is dependent on how transparent your business is with the customers and how willing you are to heed to their plights. Perfectness in any business is a quintessential scenario, which takes a very long time to achieve. Hence, it is important for your business to be real with the customer rather than playing pretend. Using customer experience software, you can conveniently identify the areas your business needs to improve upon and offer the customers better solutions to enhance their customer experience.

Taking this approach, you are setting the standard for conducting honest business with your customers and gaining their loyalty along the way. Issues as little as spelling errors on a website to as big as transactional failures should all be paid equal attention to. This helps your business be grounded and offer customers intuitive solutions for their problems, ultimately improving the brand experience.

2. First impressions make or break the deal:

Your brand must create a positive first impression on the customers. First impressions are important because they paint 90% of the picture in the customers’ minds about how they will perceive your brand as a whole in the future. If you create a negative first impression on a customer, not only will the customer not engage with your brand anymore, but they will also encourage other people in their circle to not engage with your brand. This can prove to be a major bottleneck in business customer retention and acquisition.

Using brand experience software, you can monitor your customers’ journeys and assist them along the way via various checkpoints, which will help you identify if the customer is facing any issues. Addressing problems faced by the customers in real-time sets a precedent for a stunning customer experience and sets the stage for creating a long-lasting relationship and impression of your brand.

3. Monitor consistency via checkpoints:

Whenever a customer visits an establishment, they go through various checkpoints to complete their customer journey. Whether it is interacting with your business over a call, checking certain sections of your establishment to find the products they want, or something else, customers should be provided with tools at various checkpoints to provide their feedback. Using a brand experience management software, you can set up kiosks at various locations in your establishment to ensure that customers can conveniently provide live feedback about their customer experience.

An exemplary representation of your brand depends on how well you are servicing the customers as they conduct business with you. For improving the brand experience, consistency in terms of servicing the customers must be maintained. They should not have one bad experience and three good experiences during their customer journey. Consistency can be maintained through optimally utilizing checkpoints and collecting feedback from customers.

4. Listen, interact, and empathize with customers:

It should be a regular practice for your employees, management, and higher-ups to interact with the customers. This helps ground the individuals working for your brand, but it also helps them better understand how a customer feels about your brand.

It is often seen in organizations that the higher-ups keep themselves away from interacting with customers, making it difficult for the organization to create better strategies for elevating their CX. Regular interactions with customers achieve two things for an organization – knowing where they stand in their strategies for improving CX and understanding the “what’s working and what’s not working” situation in the operations. This helps organizations create better branding strategies for the customers and ultimately enhance the brand experience in the long run.

5. Be prepared to shake things up:

At some point or other, a brand has to take a step back and change its approach to serving customers based on the major shifts in the marketplace. A study showed that customer demands and expectations for any industry change drastically on an average of every 4 years. This means that your brand should be prepared to adapt to the changing landscape and have strategies ready to implement so that the customers are not swayed away.

However, preserving the legacy of the brand while stirring up changes in brand strategies is equally important. The brand experience that the customers are expecting depends heavily on the brand image they already have in mind for your business. Hence, it is imperative to consider offering services with a new twist to the customers while preserving the unique elements your brand offered before.


Now that you know the most effective ways to fix and improve your brand experience, all remaining to be done is employing helpful tools such as brand experience software to ensure optimum results. Take the first step towards building an exceptional brand experience today!


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