5 Best Ways to Successfully Market Your Products on Amazon

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The commercial industry has become stiffer as the world becomes an immense landmine of diverse information. Different products have hit the digitized economy, and with it comes different challenges for sellers and buyers alike. The internet economy has been very successful in recent years compared to the classic one. Certainly, the internet is a good tool for peddling products and services to countless busy customers.

To endure the proverbial waters of entrepreneurship, giant companies and even small starting ones have tapped the prolific services of modern marketing platforms; the most acknowledged of these platforms is Amazon.

Dubbed as one of the most prominent websites in the world (ninth in rank), Amazon is a go-to site in the fluctuating business landscape. Undeniably, Amazon has proven its worth to sellers; they have a track record to prove that placing an item effectively on their site could translate into tons of money.

Merely placing a product does not magically mean profit. For that investment to come to fruition, some techniques are needed. If one wants to take advantage of what Amazon has to offer, here are some helpful tips that you could follow:

Spice your title up

Spice Your Title Up

What the customer sees first definitely matters. The title obviously is an element that catches buyers’ attention. The challenge for sellers here is to maximize the requirement of Amazon regarding the title and its description. Although Amazon demanded that the title be short, sellers can optimize it by effectively using those one hundred fifty (150) to two hundred fifty (250) characters.

A wise seller should use words or characters that best capture busy readers’ attention. Since most clients will just skim through a page, your label should be an attention grabber that could make consumers consider your product.

The indispensable elements include the name of the brand, the label of your product, and its distinguishing specifications and features. However, do not fall prey to the temptation of just grasping customers’ attention and resorting to using words that are not applicable to your product. Be truthful and always adhere to the correct description of the product that you are selling.

Use the allowed number of characters in placing some keywords that you wanted in your title line. This will help your product rank better regarding the competition in searching.

Provide a picturesque representation

Picturesque Representation

Put in mind that most people are highly visual. Most buyers will not mind the words as they browse; they will just base it on the images presented. Good lighting and proper angle will help you achieve it. So, providing pleasing pictures of your product could seal you a deal.

A seller should follow regulations for Amazon as well. Remember that in your listing, you are allowed five to nine images. Observe a minimum of 1,000 pixels by 1,000 pixels; the number of pixels, the better. A special feature of zooming in closely on every picture is given to buyers. Pass the scrutiny of the buyer’s eye by providing superior quality.

Your goal is to entice buyers to click your product and bring them to your product page. Half of the job is done once they land in your main product page since most of the discussion happens there.

By using Amazon Analytics, a seller can trace the number of conversions made by the images of your product. Through this, you will identify which of those images are effective from those that don’t.

Bullet points bulls-eye

Bullets Points

Convince doubtful buyers with your forthright supplementary descriptions in bullet form. Make the most out of the bulleted details by providing the benefits of purchasing your product and what outstanding features it has to offer. You could also cater FAQs in this part to help shed light to confused and undecided purchasers. An updated product listing will help as well.

Be a proactive seller

Proactive Seller

Comments and ratings are very important since it creates an impression to other readers. As a seller, take the time to check the ratings and read comments by curious, satisfied, and unsatisfied clients. Be a hands-on supplier by addressing these constructive comments and evaluations.

Focus on selling the superior qualities of the merchandise and answering queries promptly. Customers tend to trust those sellers who are committed to providing superb service.

Choose a good Amazon keyword

It is a complicated part to find the most vital fragment – your keyword. Remember that the keyword is the key to the overall success of ending up in the search terms section of Amazon, thus, getting more visibility from possible shoppers.

Simply follow the rules given by Amazon to make your keyword work. State both the singular and plural forms of the product’s central words. There should be no repetitions of sentences and even words in your Amazon keyword. There is no need to put a comma on words as well; you just basically need to put a space on it. You will end up in the search engine if you do not use sentences; hence, it is effective to throw keywords that seem mixed up but nonetheless related to your product.

If you are careworn because of figuring out the keyword out of your post, go back to your goals. It is a bonus if your chosen core word is not so common for it to have lesser competition on the keyword.


Amazon is a good venue for advertising a product. A seller must be willing to do some basics and follow Amazon’s guidelines to succeed. Product listing and marketing strategy is a trial and error. Test your product listing and experiment with what seems to work in promoting your merchandise. Do not lose hope right away if your product does not seem to translate; thus, it is a call to try another strategy.

Put to mind the elements mentioned above and other elements related to Amazon. Continually improve your listing and strategy. Untiringly experimenting to make things work and finding the right balance will someday lead you to your much-coveted sales on Amazon.

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