Ways to improve customer engagement through technology

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With the advancement in digital technologies, the customer’s expectations related to excellence, performance, and everything else have also evolved. Moreover, technologies are not only changing the perspective and working of the company by providing them with efficient tools but also changing the way they are engaging with their customers. The sole purpose of every organization is to increase sales and marketing plans with the help of customer engagement.

The engagement metrics with a high level of engagement helps to agitate and boost customer satisfaction. Thus, technology plays a vast role in customer engagement.

Let us discuss the ways that can be used to improve customer engagement through technology.

5 Ways to improve customer engagement via technology

Interact And Learn With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Brands have been using artificial intelligence for core consumer services since the ’50s. From then, it has evolved every time and helps the organization in improving customer self-service, indulge in every customer request, and boost personalization. It is a technology that should not be avoided since it has the capabilities to interact and learn. Thus, it is one of the best technologies that help the business to improve customer engagement.

Shifting To Omnichannel Integration

Consumers using smartphones and tablets is the best method for communicating with businesses via mobile eCommerce, texting, or social media. Hence, businesses should make themselves available to each of these channels otherwise, they have to endure the risk of losing significant customer relationships and the entire market segment.

The business can integrate omnichannel to sync all customer communication and touchpoints. It could be a social media click-through that directs the customer to the payment page or a 24/7 available customer service to solve the customer’s problems. Omnichannel customer service will increase the engagement metrics or improve efficiency by directing all the inquiries to the appropriate channel or resource.

Obtain Multiple Connections Through Internet of Things (IoT)

Several businesses are adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) since it offers multiple benefits. It tends to improve a company’s profitability by decreasing the operating costs, increase productivity, and helps them in expanding their brand in new markets and developing new products.

The IoT offers cross-platform synergy and engagement to activate the creation of new products. With the help of this technology, brands promote direct ties between real-world activities and digital communications to deploy promotional campaigns across several platforms. It also offers a narrative that enables customers to engage with the products and services.

Engage and Immerse With Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality or VR is considered to be the most used technology since it fundamentally alters the definition of customer experience. It is used to immerse consumers by offering them a better experience of the products and services. Virtual Reality is the technology specifically designed to provide a sensory experience to capture the attention and imagination of a consumer.

Target Predominantly With Programmatic Advertising

Many brands are spending tons on programmatic advertising just to ensure that their ads are reaching the right person at the right time. It is because of programmatic advertising technology and the resulting analytics to make brands understand the viewpoints of the person. It also tracks the customer and targets them efficiently while they look for content through multiple devices.

Organizations consider this technology the most efficient way to improve customer engagement because it is a real-time, scalable, cost-effective, and efficient omnichannel.

Optimize Responses With Chatbots

According to Microsoft’s CEO, bots are the new apps. Chatbots feature an algorithmic learning feature from where it learns previous conversations and responds accordingly. Chatbots, today, have increased the industry standards by providing brands to offload effortless, routine queries, and encounters to an intelligent system.


We say knowledge is power when it comes to selling products or services. As the technologies evolve, an organization’s customer base is also expanding. Furthermore, it is providing them with insight into their customer’s requirements on a macro level.

With companies adopting most of these technologies, it is improving customer engagement to a whole new level. From omnichannel support to tracking the journey of the customers, technology has changed the definition of marketing, promoting, and selling products and services. Therefore, these technologies serve the best ways to improve customer engagements.

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