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15 Fruitful ways to make handsome amounts playing video games online

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So back in the 1950s a bunch of academic computer scientists started designing simple games just for fun. But late in the 1970s, the video games became viral and got a hype.

Their fun became an addiction to many children all around the world. Previously it was thought that an introverted teenager or negligent adult who is wasteful with free time play games. But the present era has a changed view for the gamers. Gaming has been given a new color, a color of the profession – All thanks to the advanced technology!

It is not necessary to work in the office to fill your pockets up with some good brands. All around the world, people earn money in various ways. Some collect antiques and sell them, some sell mobile phones, some do freelancing by writing content or designing graphics etc. The most common sentiment that we hear when we are approaching for our professional phase of life is “Do what you love and you will never have to work a day of your life.” If you are a gaming freak just like me then I tell you that you can earn money utilizing your gaming skills.

Yes! It is actually possible now! You will be more astonished to hear that people have been earning through gaming for a long time now. Just give a read to this blog because here I have enlisted 15 ways for you to earn money playing video games online.

1. Create your own gaming blog

I have put this on the top of the list because I highly recommend this. By creating a gaming blog you can earn 10x more than through any other way. You can create a gaming blog to get traffic and build a fan base, build a community of returning visitors, increase your income from ads, affiliate deals and general contact with your fans. And on top of all these, the best benefit you get from a gaming blog is that you have a permanent base to build on.

Other platforms are like a rented house, in which you can live for as long as you want but have to leave it if the owner decides to take it off the rent. Whereas, creating your own gaming blog is like building a house for yourself that will support you throughout and will stay with you always.

Ways to make money Gaming with a blog:

1. Create a self-running gaming news/review blog: Upload the write-ups related to the games, releases, rants, glitches, etc.

2. Create an email list: Provide the gamers with a gaming guide, get their emails and then send them the best gaming deals and discounts, products and CPA offers.

3. Use Google AdSense: Collaborate with Google AdSense, place ads on your site and make money for impressions and clicks.

4. Create a basic forum: Go a bit expert level and talk about a particular game on your forum, build a community and make money with ads.

2. Creating a YouTube account

Creating a YouTube account is a piece of cake but earning through it is the most time-consuming and effort demanding. It requires a vast amount of dedication. In comparison to the input, it demands is way higher than the degree of payback, as it has the highest percentage of failure in comparison to other methods.

Create YouTube Account

Earning through YouTube requires you to create an account, record the gameplay of your chosen game, edit the recorded gameplay (tip: add narration so that it is entertaining and informative), uploading the video to YouTube. After this, you will have to do the waiting for the views to roll in.

Since YouTube is a saturated platform and there are already so many established users earning through it, you will need to stand out with your content. On the contrary to all these cons, stands its pro that is the rewards. After getting through all these hardships you get insane rewards that will make you rich with happiness and sterlings. The most subscribed YouTuber in the world only plays video games and is now a multi-millionaire. You could be next!

Also, don’t worry about the quality of your video because, surprisingly, quality of the video actually doesn’t matter that much. After a lot of researching and examining other YouTubers, it seems that just going for it and not worrying about quality really is the key.

3. Using the gaming marketplace to make a living:

You know, there are a lot of in-game purchases. You can purchase different items within the game paying real money. Well, a lot of upgrades and rewards are purchased with real money and people are crazy to get them.

Do you know a large number of people are making a good living off selling in-game items? There are tons of games like Team Fortress, Word of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Go, Dota 2, H1Z1 that will allow you to make in-game purchases, and later you can sell these items to different gamers those who do not have them, at a reasonable cost.

Well well well, isn’t it the most insane and surprising way to earn money? THIS is happening in the real world and it is best for you to believe it. I mean, selling an in-game gun and earning more than you could have earned by selling the real one, is one clever earning! You can also do this but with the right mind and attitude, you can make a killing selling in-game items.

4. Selling or trading the account

As we all know, gaming requires a profile or account of the user. Especially the games that are played online. The users are offered with various in-game gifts and rewards that need to earn with in-game currency.

The more hours you spend on gaming through your account, the more valuable your account gets. Many gamers are keen to play more than one game at a time and they are not willing to dedicate their hours just to one game. Such gamers might be interested in buying the accounts that are already established and successful ones. You can sell your accounts to such gamers and earn a handsome amount of money.

5. Coaching and boosting

It is an excellent way of earning money especially when you have an interest in being a coach. This method is not as universal as others featured. But to follow this method you will need to have an expert level gaming so that you could coach well.

Expert level means that you know what it takes to be amongst the top players of any game i.e. you can compete with the top players in the whole world playing the said game. Opt for Google to advertise you and get trainees under you. Coach them well and earn well!

However, boosting is assisting other players in multi-player games, so they can reach achievements and rank higher on leaderboards. Although this can be done by anyone, as long as your game is good. Just to rank up and reach on the top, the game addicts are willing to pay anything to anyone who will assist them to reach their goals.

6. Competitive gaming

If you are competitive by nature and have a high dedication towards the games, then take part in the tournaments. The tournaments are commonplace for PvP games. The more popular the game will be, the more you are going to earn from it. But you are required to be a highly dedicated and expert gamer. And if you are good enough you might get a chance to join the esports organization to earn a good salary.

Competitive Gaming

All you have to do is find a popular PvP game with lots of tournaments and massive interest from esports organizations. And practice because practice makes you perfect. Once you are ready, jump in and compete and earn heavy prices.

7. Selling your characters

The way building up an account is pretty valuable similarly, building up characters are valuable. Train your character, spend on it to increase its skills and make your character a great player. Spend time on it, put your effort and when the character is all ready to gear up and has gained its highest level, Sell It!

Yes! Were you actually thinking that I will say anything else? Haha. No obviously not! We are here to get you some money so let’s just do it!

8. Showcasing your Gaming videos

Since the gaming business is kicking in, people are finding new ways to earn money from playing online games. Streaming is one of those ways. People who love gaming and cannot somehow play, tend to watch other gamers’ play. Also, the gamers, who are stuck with their mission and are unable to complete it, watch gaming videos of other players to learn to get through the mission.

Gaming Videos

So, if you are a good gamer, stream your gameplay. The more viewers you will get, the more money will be earned by your streaming. You can turn this into a gold mine. Twitch is a very famous streaming site and its top streamers earn over half a million dollars per month.

But, to follow this method, you will need to be a talker though. You can make your video streaming more appealing making your commentary a deal breaker! Because if your commentary is hilarious or entertaining, you will get a lot of viewers even though your gameplay level is shallow.

9. Own a Game server

Game Developer

Online games need a server to develop communication between players all over the world. It is basically an online portal which is necessary for online games.

So if you own an online server you can always charge the players playing through your server with a hosting fee. It allows you to keep the difference as profit. You might even be able to find advertisers and sponsors for your server too.

Always make sure that you have read all the guidelines from the game manufacturers before monetizing your game server. It usually is legal to charge server access fees if they are the same amount for each player or offer add-ons that don’t affect gameplay but some manufacturers do not allow you to do so.

10. Game loot network

If you are a mobile phone gamer then Game Loot Network is a fun addition to your games. This network comprises nine different games and you can choose from them. The genres of games range in a memory game, air combat, trivia, and action.

Each game held tournaments based on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You win tickets for them that you are allowed to exchange for different prizes, you can redeem them for auction bids and can also spend them on game upgrades to increase your probability of placing higher in a tournament. If you have good luck and you also are a good player you can finish in the Top 20 of the tournament and in return you can automatically qualify for a prize.

11. App Cent

App Cent is another platform that sponsors different games and when you install them through it, they pay you virtual money. In simple, you are getting paid to download mobile games. In return, you earn digital coins that can be redeemed for gift cards or paid apps.

The payouts for different games vary. For example, if downloading one game is making you earn 300 coins, other might just get you 100 coins.

12. Programmer

If you love to develop a program, you will love doing this job. Play with the game before playing the game. As a programmer, you will have to make the core of the game and make a building stand from the scratches. Play around with codes and sheets of commands and develop an exciting game that will have a chance to compete with other shark games in the ocean of games.

13. Animator

As an animator, you will have to do the animations for games. You will be thinking that this is not the most game orientated job then why it is being mentioned here? Well, part-time animations can earn you loads of money from freelancing. You can also get to learn this skill from YouTube.

14. Modeling

Modeling is another way to earn money through games. You will need to design textures like skins and materials that are to be required by an online game. It is one of the best gaming jobs behind coding in pay and can work on loads of bits and just sell your models online. All you need is to be skillful and creative to make models. Develop a few eye-catching models and sell them online.

15. Textures

This kind of job includes the making of UV maps, textures, bump maps etc. all you will need is the creative mind to do so and skills of using photoshop. Having skill like this will help you model and create amazing things. Selling your designs online will get you a handsome cash.


Gamers are addicted to games. All they need is a device so that they could play games. Either it is the desktop or laptop or tablet or mobile phone. Heavy gaming can be easily done on desktops but if you have a good quality mobile phone run by a fast and strong processor, only then you can enjoy playing online games. Because online games have heavy graphics so it needs a strong processor to be played smoothly.


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