Amazon Unveils New Echo Dot in India


Amazon has launched Echo Dot - 5th Gen in India, as the successor to the 4th Gen model, which was launched back in 2020.

The Echo Dot comes with an in-built motion detection and temperature sensor, so it can automatically turn on a light when you enter the room or switch on the AC when it gets hot.

Unlike its predecessors which had a 1.6-inch, the new Echo comes with a 1.73″ front-firing speaker, while its spherical shape has a circular LED ring of LED, as the predecessor.

The device has Dual-band Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh, and a Matter controller for Alexa Android app setup only, while the iOS is reportedly coming soon.

The Echo Dot is a standalone speaker to use as a Bluetooth speaker, as well as pause or resume music, snooze alarms, and dismiss timers with just a tap.

The Amazon Echo Dot is currently for sale on  Amazon. for ₹4,999 and  comes in Black, Blue and White colours.