Apple Increases Trade-in Valuations For Products


Apple has announced an increase in trade-in values of some of its iPhone models and other devices.

The new development was made known by the American tech giant via the homepage of its online Apple Store.

The increment affected a few older iPhone models, some iPad tablets, as well as Apple Watches.

For instance, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was given a $30 or 5.3% boost leaving the device with a trade-in valuation of up to $600. 

Also, the iPhone 13 Pro gets a $30 bump giving it a valuation of up to $500 from its previous value of up to $470.

On the other hand, Apple Watch Series 7, is up from $160 for a $5 or a 3.1% increase while the Apple Watch SE is up from $65 for a $5 or a 7.7% increase 

Whereas, Apple Watch Series 5 is up from $75 for a $5 or a 6.7% increase and Apple Watch Series 4 is up $45 for a $5 or an 11.1% increase.