Apple MR Headset Uses High-end OLED oS Display

By Yusuf Balogun

Apple's first mixed reality headset is confirmed to use high-end OLEDoS display technology providing ultra-high resolution of 3000-4000 ppi. 

Apple is expected to launch its first mixed-reality headset later this year, and the report has confirmed that Sony and LG will be the initial suppliers of displays for the XR headset. 

As reported by iphonetaiwan, it has fewer inches in size and uses silicon wafer-based CMOS substrates instead of the usual glass-based OLED display panels. 

OLEDoS displays will provide users with a highly immersive experience, with extremely high resolution, capable of presenting detailed and lifelike images. 

Unlike the OLED display, which has an average resolution of 55 ppi, the OLEDoS displays will have an average resolution of 3,500ppi for a more realistic AR experience.