Apple's Vision Pro Headset Gets 'Magic Battery

Apple's upcoming Vision Pro headset will feature an external battery pack called the "Magic Battery," according to code references in tvOS beta 5.

Previously known as the "MagSafe Battery Pack," the Magic Battery provides two hours of tethered power to the mixed reality headset.

The battery attaches to the left side of the Vision Pro headset via a woven braided power cable, offering flexibility for static and on-the-go power sources.

The portable Magic Battery fits in a pocket and can be swapped out for extended usage, though the device initially ships with a single battery.

The Vision Pro headset, launching early 2024 at $3,499, stands out with 4K micro-OLED displays, cameras, sensors, and Apple silicon. 

Unlike many AR/VR headsets, Apple opted for an external battery due to concerns about added weight impacting comfort, which has garnered both interest and criticism.

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