ASUS AirVision M1: Next-Level Wearable Tech 

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ASUS unveiled the AirVision M1 at CES 2024, offering a unique wearable display for multitasking enthusiasts.

In contrast to other mixed reality headsets, it focuses on generating multiple virtual screens for simultaneous task management.

The device features an FHD Micro OLED display with a 57-degree vertical field of view and three degrees of freedom.

Users can pin screens in various aspect ratios, such as 16:9, 21:9, or 32:9, using the intuitive touchpad on the left temple.

Equipped with noise-canceling microphones and speakers, the device requires a USB-C connection to a PC or phone for operation.

ASUS has not disclosed pricing or availability details, but it is anticipated to be a more budget-friendly alternative to Apple's Vision Pro.