FSD Beta V11 Coming this Weekend: Elon Musk

By Yusuf Balogun 15/03/23

Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk just confirmed today that the Tesla FSD Beta V11 update will start going out wide this weekend. He started this during a recent interaction on Twitter.

The tweet shows that Tesla owners who purchased the Full Self-Driving suite will only have to wait a few more days before they receive FSD Beta V11 updates.

Going by Tesla’s release notes, the most substantial change implemented in V11 is its utilization of a single software stack for highway and inner-city driving.

As a result, this change allows Tesla to replace its ageing highway stack, which still relies on several single-camera and single-frame networks.

Tesla’s V11 release has been a long time coming. Although Tesla employees have had access to V11 since late last year.

However, as it is now  confirmed by the CEO, Tesla's FSD Beta V11 updates will be rolling out wildly in the  coming days.