Full Body Tracking is Apple's Future Ecosystem

Yusuf Balogun

As we know, the head tracking feature on AirPods is one of the distinct features of Apple's pods as compared to other brands.

Now, the tech giant is reportedly working to achieve a new way - full body tracking. This is confirmed in new patents spotted by Gizmodo.

One of the patents, filed in 2021, talks about capturing inertial sensor data from a head-mounted device and using it to track the changes in the body posture.

The other patent, filed in 2022, enhances full body tracking by fetching data from different wearables like an Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously.

Body tracking can provide detailed insights into a user's movements, allowing improved progress tracking for various fitness activities or health monitoring. 

For now, there is no word on when the patented tech will arrive. But, one Apple product that could house such features is Apple's upcoming mixed-reality headset.