Meta Developing Twitter Alternative - P92

Meta Developing Twitter Alternative - P92

By Yusuf Balogun

Meta is reportedly developing a new social media app codenamed P92, as an alternative to Twitter which will enable users to post text-based updates.

In an email sent to Platformer, Meta is exploring a decentralized social network for creators and public figures to share timely updates about their interests.

Since the app is decentralized, that means users can set up their servers and set their own rules for content moderation.

Insider source says P92 will carry Instagram's branding and will let users register and log in using their Instagram credentials.

According to Meta, P92 features include tappable links for posts with previews, shareable images and videos, as well as verification badges.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram's CEO is in charge of the project which is underway, with the legal and regulatory teams investigating potential privacy concerns.