Microsoft to Add ChatGPT-like AI in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook

Yusuf Balogun

Microsoft is reportedly partnering with OpenAI to add ChatGPT technology to its popular office suite, including Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.  

The Verge reported that Microsoft is preparing to detail its productivity plans for integrating OpenAI’s language AI technology and its Prometheus Model in the coming weeks.  

In March, Microsoft will illustrate how swiftly the corporation intends to use its OpenAI investments to transform search and its productivity products.

The introduction of this new technology seeks to increase productivity and efficiency by enabling people to work more quickly and correctly.

Recall that recently, Microsoft announced that the new features based on OpenAI GPT 3.5 are now available on its Teams Premium subscription plan.  

Additionally, the firm is  also reported to have  invested about $1 billion in the artificial intelligence  project of the OpenAI GPT.