SK To Launch World's First 6G Network in 2028

SK To Launch World's First 6G Network in 2028

By Yusuf Balogun

The South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, has announced that it will launch the world's first 6G network in 2028. This was disclosed in a statement on Monday.

According to the ministry, it will launch its own 6G network using world-class technology, advanced software-based next-gen mobile networks, and strengthening its network supply chains.

The government plans to incentivize local companies to produce materials, components, and equipment for the development of its 6G network.

Core 6G technology is the subject of a feasibility study that is already in progress. In all, the project costs about $482.1 million.

South Korea hopes to introduce the 6G technology before the rest of the globe with this plan.

The fourth-largest economy in Asia, South Korea, was responsible for 25.9% of all 5G patents in 2022.