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Starship Preparing for Launch: Elon Musk 

SpaceX's CEO has just confirmed in a tweet that the Starship is preparing for launch, meaning the coming days could see the much-delayed launch.

The Starship's biggest delays to the launch were on environmental grounds, but last year the US Federal Aviation Administration approved the lift-off.

SpaceX's Super Heavy rocket, known as Starship and measuring 120 metres tall by 9m wide, is currently being prepared for its maiden orbital launch.

In February, SpaceX completed a mostly successful test ignition of its 33 engines, with 31 igniting as planned in what was the most powerful static fire test in history.

The company says Starship will be fully reusable to carry crew and cargo to orbits around Earth and later, to the Moon and further.

SpaceX said the reusable rocket will be capable of lifting more than 100 tonnes into higher geostationary orbit, compared to its Falcon Heavy's maximum of 70 tonnes.

Initially, Elon Musk has pledged the rocket will allow a potential sixfold reduction in the cost of sending objects into space which space experts see as a giant leap forward.

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