Tesla announces its own AirPower-like Qi charger

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yusuf Balogun

Tesla's AirPower like wireless  charger is a rival to  Apple’s  failed AirPower wireless  charger announced in  2019

Tesla's AirPower-like  wireless charger can charge  up to three Qi devices at once with 15W of fast charging power per device.

The wireless charger comeswith electric car manufacturing using a newTesla Wireless Charging  Platform.

The charger features a  detachable magnetic standthat allows users to lay the  charger flat or  at an  angle.

Charger is providing 15W  of fast charging power perdevice for up to three devices simultaneously.

Available to order now with deliveries beginning in February 2023, the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is priced at $300.

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