TikTok Wins Stitch Video TM

Yusuf Balogun

The federal jury in Los Angeles has ruled that TikTok does not violate trademark rights belonging to British video-editing company Stitch Editing Ltd

The action was instituted in 2021 between Stitch Editing Ltd v. TikTok Inc, over TikTok's Stitch technology, which allows users to splice other videos on the platform into their own.

In the lawsuit, Stitch Editing is demanding $116 million in damages against TikTok for trademark infringement.

Stitch Editing claims that TikTok's use of Stitch gave users the mistaken impression that the companies are affiliated and threatened to drown out its brand.

TikTok argued that Stitch Editing's trademark in its name does not give it a global monopoly on the use of the word Stitch to refer to the process of combining video clips.

The jury rejected Stitch Editing's argument that TikTok confuses consumers by using the Stitch name to brand the platform's technology for stitching videos together.