Pixel Buds Pro New Get Head Tracking Feature

Pixel Buds Pro users to receive the Head Tracking feature in upcoming updates as the device gets a new settings page.

Head Tracking feature 

The new settings page shows that users will be able to toggle between having Spatial Audio turned on or off.

Spatial Audio turned on or off 

The page, however, also includes a toggle for Head Tracking, meaning it should also be on its way soon.

Head Tracking Feature

Earlier this year, Google released the Spatial Audio update to the Pixel Buds Pro which enhances listeners' immersion when watching any media.

Spatial Audio update 

Then, the tech giant noted that another feature — Head Tracking — will also be coming to the device soon.

PhoneArena also reported today that the feature is likely to be released alongside the upcoming Pixel Feature Drop next month, March.

To enjoy the duo Spatial Audio, and Head Tracking features one needs to have Pixel 6/6 Pro or the Pixel 7/7 Pro.