This is why your website should reflect your brand’s personality

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Let us be honest here, every business, whether small or big, requires a proper and well-curated website for better reach. The presence of a website is necessary for SEO reasons as more people who browse and scroll can have a chance to look into your website. Reports suggest that at least 81% of people browse online and search for the brand before making any purchase or engaging with the brand. A website should be such that it reflects your brand’s personality. The unique identity of the brand can help in accumulating the right audience.

People usually visit websites searching for information instead of doing any transactions. They can either make or break the reputation of a brand. The identity of the brand is communicated to potential customers through your website. It would be beneficial to hire a web designer to suit your needs. The web design should be unique and should sell itself to them.

Given below are some reasons why one should invest in a good website and why it should reflect the personality of the brand –

1. It affects how customers perceive the brand

Company and brand websites influence almost $1.1 trillion sales every year. Today, stocks of the company are based upon the internet – according to online reviews and websites. If the website does not reflect what you do, who you are, and what services you offer, you might end up losing a massive chunk of customers who make internet-influenced purchases.

The website acts as the sales representative of your company, and many people would perceive that we are just talking about a good logo and a catchy tagline – that is not the end. A good website should convey the right thing about the brand and reciprocate its tone and style, as the case with photography.

2. Customers are not always patient – you have to keep up with them

If you are reading this, we are sure you belong to the category of those people who get frustrated when you are checking out a website, and it loads slowly. And we understand it is not your fault. In this world, nobody has the time to wait patiently. Reports suggest that almost 40% of customers leave the site if it takes more than 30 seconds to load.

As a business owner or web designer, you might annoy your potential customer if the website is slow. You might even miss the chance of communicating your message via visual branding and content marketing. The user experience here comes to play. It becomes a significant component of online marketing.

3. Websites that are cell phone friendly provide customers with a wide array of options to choose from

Many users browse the websites, either through laptops, desktops, or mobiles. Mobile-based searches are the most popular. If your website does not provide mobile-friendly services, it might reflect poorly on your brand. You will end up losing precious customers who browse through tablets or phones.

When asked about their website experience, 48% of customers replied that a website working poorly on mobile indicates that the brand does not care about its customers. A cell phone-ready website is not only crucial; it has become a necessity for a better user experience.

4. Online voice is the first voice heard by customers

The voice you want customers to hear should convey what the website says. Using your website to deliver your business values and personality will help you establish a good reputation. The website should have the right tone and correct choice of words. Several people seek the services of content writers to optimize their content, they help you in delivering the right message to people.

A good website should be informative. Many websites are brand-focused. They only contain information about the services they provide, their background, and their leadership. They do not inform the customers. Here, it refers to the facts that can help them identify whether the company is legitimate or not.

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