When and how to change your car spark plugs? Ask the expert

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Spark plugs are a very important part of the vehicle’s motor because it provides the spark required by your engine to ignite the air and mix the fuel within cylinders. And this continuous ignition is needed for your car to move on the road.

Car Spark Plug

Like other auto parts, spark plug also wears with time. The main damage, in this case, is with electrodes. If you will observe these items closely then you will notice that one end of it is narrow and tapered. The electrode in it wears down with time, even through normal use also. Getting a genuine product can be really tough; hence is one such link that you can refer to buy a genuine spark plug for your vehicle. It can become so worn that it cannot produce any electric arc, which can directly affect your engine’s operations. 

Time to replace spark plugs:

If you check the user’s manual then you will get to know that the automotive company recommends you replace the spark plug after every 20,000 miles. But the actual timing for the replacement of spark plugs can also vary depending on the factors mentioned below:

When the engine has rough idle

The engine of your automobile idles when it is in a stationary position and in this case engine produces about 1000rpm normally. Your engine gives off a constant and smooth sound, however, if your spark plug is not working as it should then your engine will produce a jittery and rough sound. This can also result in larger vibrations through your car; if you don’t get it checked regularly then it can automatically lead to costly damage.

Trouble starting your car?

Whenever the car does not start down many people claim to be out of fuel or a flat battery. But another possibility is having bad or worn plugs. If it does not produce any spark to ignite the engine, then you are going nowhere. It is also possible that your battery is caused to drain because of any faulty types of equipment. If so, then you need to change it along with your battery as soon as possible.

If your engine misfires

If your engine misfires then it can cause your automobile to halt for few seconds and then again continue its usual movement. This can also lead to a higher amount of emissions. If such things happen then you need to replace the spark plugs for your automobile.

High fuel consumption by your vehicle

Deteriorated products can decrease the fuel economy of your vehicle by up to 30%. If you notice that you have to fuel up more often than usual, it is due to deteriorating spark plugs. To obtain the optimum fuel consumption level to your vehicle then you need to change it.

How to change spark plugs

Changing Car Spark Plug

LPG gas and petrol-powered cars run on the explosions of energy, controlled in parts by spark plugs. These can also wear out along time and it is easy to fix the issue in your car. You just need to diagnose and correct it with the right tools. Follow the steps mentioned below for more information:

To start with the process of changing the equipment you need to gather all the required tools. It is also preferred to disconnect the positive terminals of your car’s battery whenever working anything electrical.

  • Before replacing spark plugs make sure that the car’s engine is cool thoroughly and no flammable towel, blanket, or cloth is placed on any surface that may be warm. This is just to make sure that it is tightened properly because engine threads expand due to heat and also limits the torque.
  • Then clean the area around the spark plugs. This is needed to avoid any dirt falling straight into the car’s engine.
  • From removing single plug wire, everything should be in order. This is to prevent you from reconnecting the wrong wire and plug at the time of back up.
  • Once you remove the plug wire, turn the spark plug in a counterclockwise direction until it gets free.
  • Once the old spark plug is out from your car’s engine then you need to use the left gap to make sure that there is a proper gap between the central electrode and outer ground electrode. Many recent spark plugs are properly gapped by the factory, but handling and shipping can also result in the small and crucial gap being tweaked. So it is always mandatory to ensure that the gap is perfect before installing.
  • When the gap is verified, insert the new one carefully into the open hole. If your plug is not treated with anti-seize in a factory then you can also drop a little anti-seize lubricant on the threads of the plug so that it doesn’t get locked up due to heat.

Now gently screw it inside with clockwise rotation and make sure that the threads are properly mated. Once it is started into threads, continue to tighten it with the socket and extension combination. But be careful about over-tightening it just needs to firmly get in contact with the shoulder of washer and thread hole is slightly compressed.

Where to buy the best spark plug?

To get aftermarket and genuine spark plugs in India, you can visit boodmo.com. Boodmo has the aim of being your spare part expert because they have the largest collection of spare auto parts online. On the website, you can find the genuine quality of products offered by various manufacturers and can also compare the price list and specifications to finalize your decision with the best deal. All you need to avail is the offers to complete the registration process and then you can search for the required part.

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