5 Reasons why eCommerce businesses should consider SEO as part of their marketing budget

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Talking about digital marketing without mentioning SEO doesn’t make sense! If you aren’t familiar with the growing importance of SEO on eCommerce, consider that the former is almost 6 times better than paid search ads! For those who run an eCommerce business, SEO allocates a part of your marketing budget.

After all, in capable hands, good SEO can keep up with the ever-evolving algorithm of Google. Hire the right SEO experts and maintain your high ranking, month after month.

Here are five reasons why SEO matters:

1. SEO isn’t the expenditure, but an investment

One of the many reasons that make SEO so crucial for eCommerce businesses is that it gives the highest ROI compared to other types of marketing campaigns! That’s why you shouldn’t think of it as the expenditure when it is an investment.

After the initial investment to get the best services your local SEO industry has to offer, you will soon be enjoying high returns.

Your eCommerce website will rank, and you will see more customers heading your way. Thus, through search engine optimization, your business gets more exposure, and your site has its online presence.

Don’t just rely on social media and paid ads. They might give good results, but they also require a constant stream of income. On the other hand, SEO is more about the effort put in it upfront rather than the recurring expense.

2. SEO allows your bottom line to grow in a cost-effective way

Banner ads are often used for marketing and are quite costly. As mentioned above, SEO achieves the same effect – if not a better one – at a much lower cost. Moreover, if your eCommerce business is part of a highly competitive industry, then you might be burning through your finances trying to keep up by buying more and more banner ads.

The traffic directed your way by SEO is completely organic, and thus free. You can adapt your marketing strategy and sales around it and allow your bottom line to grow. Think about combining the effects of SEO with other marketing strategies, such as content and social media marketing. You will realize how much less you have to spend when you do that!

3. SEO helps your customers find you

Try a little experiment, if you still don’t believe in the magic of SEO. Log on to the analytics tool for your eCommerce website. Now check for the source from where most of the sales, traffic, and conversions originate.

Surprised to see that organic search is the reason for most of the deals you are doing? Most businesses will find Google to be the source of the most substantial proportion of their profit-producing traffic.

The good news is that search engines like Google influence purchase decisions of almost 90% of your consumers. The trouble with Google and other search engines are their algorithm changes constantly. However, well-done SEO can keep up easily.

The not-so-good news is that 95% of consumers won’t even notice your eCommerce business if it ends up on the second page! Now for the even better story: SEO can increase your business’ visibility for its customers. The more buying journeys you are a part of, the more you will sell, and consequently, the bigger your business will grow.

4. SEO creates traffic, which generates sales

As recently as during the third quarter of 2016, local SEO was driving traffic towards websites, which resulted in almost three conversions out of 100 visitors. That meant, the site in question stood to make a sale with three customers out of a hundred! Extrapolating these figures would potentially mean almost 30 customers for every 1000 that visit that site. It has never been clearer that SEO can increase the number of visitors to a website if appropriately implemented.

If you hire an SEO agency that knows what it’s doing, your eCommerce business could end up ranking for high-value keywords. It will lead to the expansion of your client base. Thus, even if an eCommerce business like yours must invest in SEO initially to develop an optimization framework, you get your ROI within months. And sure, all the traffic heading your way might not even be paying traffic. Thirty out of thousand isn’t a bad deal!

Now compare this strategy with others, such as Pay-Per-Click ads, etc. To benefit from them, your company would have to keep investing in them to lease your traffic. On the other hand, a proper SEO strategy is a front-loaded effort that is much longer-lasting. You won’t lose the stream of visitors, especially the paying ones, as soon as your campaign ends. In fact, with exemplary service and great products, you can turn those customers into repeat customers!

This isn’t to say you should only depend on SEO for marketing. Instead, we suggest that you incorporate both short-term (PPC) and long-term (SEO) marketing methods to improve eCommerce traffic.

5. Local SEO lets you enter a whole new market

For small-sized businesses that mostly deal locally, ranking high on different search engines in local search results is crucial. Generally, eCommerce opens the way for a company to sell to the world. That means a bigger audience and higher profits. However, most eCommerce companies are overlooking the benefits they could gain from the local market if only they implemented local SEO.

Then there are eCommerce companies that serve a highly specified market segment. A large proportion of its customers are locally situated. For them, ranking high in local results will help increase the relevance and visibility of their brand. Local SEO will produce more genuine results for them. Therefore, by efficiently targeting the niche market, such a brand could boost its popularity as compared to that of its competitors.

Strong SEO helps to place your eCommerce business on the map, making it easier for new customers to find it. If you are confident in what your products/services have to offer to customers, then this is all the chance you need. Good SEO Services can convert potential customers into paying ones!

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