Why online stores are better than physical stores?

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Since e-commerce websites have become popular, online shopping has grown exponentially. More and more customers are shopping online rather than buying in physical stores. Many famous retail stores have also launched their e-commerce website to sell their products online. You can find almost all the brands online, no matter if they are high-end brands or local brands.

Many e-commerce websites sell all types of products from different brands such as Amazon, which is the number one online store in the world. Even brands that are not available anymore in physical stores are available online. This shift from physical stores to online stores has also been very beneficial for millions of entrepreneurs all around the world. It has allowed people to start their own business without any significant investment and risks that are involved in opening a physical store.

The drastic increase in the popularity of e-commerce website has attracted a vast number of customers. It is estimated that around 1 billion people will buy products online in 2019 alone. Even though the physical stores are unlikely to go extinct anytime soon, online stores have a lot of advantages over physical ones for both consumers and entrepreneurs.

Why should you ditch the physical stores for an online one?

In the last few years, the online shopping industry has exploded, but there still many people who are going to physical stores, and they have their reasons. Ultimately, it seems that things are trending towards online shopping, and people who are still going to physical stores are slowly getting inclined towards online stores and are understanding its benefits. Below are a few reasons why online stores are any day better than physical stores:

Online stores are convenient and time-saving

Shopping online is very convenient because you can purchase any type of product from anywhere and anytime according to your convenience. You do not have to wait in long lines for billing or go to crowded stores. You can use your smartphones or laptops to shop online and even have a few drinks while shopping from the comfort of your home.

If you want to buy personal or intimate products, then you do not have to go physical stores and get embarrassed, you can buy them online, and the products will be delivered to you in a secretive brown box. Also, if you want to send gifts to your loved ones but they live far away, you can do it by purchasing the gifts online and getting it delivered at their doorstep.

Another important aspect of online shopping is that it is time-saving. Rather than spending hours going through different physical stores, you can buy any product you want with just a few clicks online. Also, with new features like a quick purchase button, you can purchase products in seconds. If you need your product quickly, many online stores offer the same day delivery option at an extra cost.

Online stores provide 24/7 service

One of the most significant advantages of online stores is that they provide 24/7 service, and the customers can shop 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Before the explosion of e-commerce websites, people used to wait for the weekends for going out to shop because most physical stores close by the evening.

Still, now you can shop anytime and have the products at your fingertips whenever you want them. The 24/7 services of online stores are especially beneficial for working people who do not have the time for shopping during the day.

Although there are some human resource-based services such as live chat and next day delivery that are not available all the time, for the most part, most e-commerce websites are completely 24/7, allowing people to access them at any time of the day or night.

Online stores break all geographical barriers

Most physical stores face problems in scaling their sales and find it difficult to reach a global audience. Their regular customers are people who live near the area around the store and reaching a wider audience is not at all possible for them. It affects the growth of the company and restricts revenue inflow.

But online stores do not have this problem. They can reach millions of customers all around the world, without any geographical constraints. If a person has a reliable Internet connection, then no matter where they are, they can purchase products by just a click.

It is most helpful for people living in remote areas where there are not many shopping centers or famous retail stores. The shipping cost might be more for people living in remote areas, but the product will still be cheaper from physical stores.

Online stores deliver products at your doorstep

Another essential feature of online stores is the home delivery of products. If you go to physical stores to shop, you might have to go back again later if the product is not available. Also, if you are shopping for a lot of products at the same time, then you will have a lot of bags or boxes to carry home with you, which might be very inconvenient. Online shopping solves this problem.

Online stores directly deliver all the products that you want to buy right at your doorstep. You can simply find the products you wish to purchase and select the delivery option according to your preference. Many e-commerce websites offer same day or next day delivery.

This service can be free of cost, or the online store might charge an additional shipping fee, depending on the number of products you buy. The feature of home delivery is beneficial for all customers. Still, it is especially helpful for people who are old or have some kind of disability that does not allow them to take a trip to physical stores.

Online stores offer a wider variety of products

Nowadays, you can buy almost all brands available in the market through e-commerce websites. Also, many brands are only available online because they cannot afford to open a physical store.

If you are living in a small town where only significant brands are available, online stores can provide you with all the other brands that are not selling their products in that area. Online stores also offer a wide range of products from independent retailers and craft sellers, who sell unique goods that might not be available in the major shopping complexes.

Online stores regularly announce discounts and promotional offers

Physical stores do not offer discounts and promotional offers regularly. They generally provide seasonal discounts and only have promotional offers if there is a special event. But online stores have sales and rebates frequently.

Most websites have clearance sales all around the year where you can buy products at a fraction of their net value. Also, sometimes you might find that the products that are not discounted in the physical stores are much cheaper online.

Many online stores also have different kinds of promotional offers running around the year and offer discounts based on your payment methods. It means that online stores provide various discounts according to the type of debit card, credit card, or payment app you use. It gives customers extensive access and the ability to find the latest deals and promotional offers.

Online stores help you in avoiding any distractions

If you shop in physical stores, you are bound to buy additional products that you do not require. While you are roaming in physical stores, you might pick up extra products because of the advertisements and promotions. Also, salespeople working in the store will try to sell you as many products as they can. But if you shop online, there are no distractions like that, so you only buy what you require.

Online stores make comparing products easier

People only want to buy the best products available on the market. But if you go to a physical store, it is difficult to find all the required information about the products for you to make an informed decision. Also comparing which brand is better for the product you want to buy is not an easy task. Online shopping solves this problem.

If you shop online, you can find a detailed description, Online research and reviews about all the products you like. You can also compare the prices and features of different brands offering the same product. No wonder more than 71 percent of online customers feel they will get a better deal online than in a physical store.


E-commerce websites have some disadvantages such as customers worrying about the quality of the product because they cannot feel it, late deliveries, and no personal touch. But the advantages of online stores overpower all its disadvantages. Buying and selling have never been simpler and convenient. That is why if you are still shopping in physical stores, you should ditch them and switch to online stores.

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