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Why is Responsive Design a Must-Have for Any Ecommerce Website?

Mosche Amara
Mosche Amara
Mosche Amara holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and works as a senior web developer at SparxIT. Apart from development, he loves to write about web development, app development, etc.

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The usage of smartphones and tablets has risen dramatically, as everyone can observe. According to Pew Research Center analysis, the vast majority of Americans – 97% – now own a cellphone of some kind. The share of Americans that own a smartphone is now 85%, up from just 35% in 2011. For this reason, ecommerce companies are focusing more on becoming mobile-friendly.

A few years ago, building versions for desktop and mobile devices was a common practice. But these days, you should take into consideration the growing trend of flexible websites.

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share
Desktop vs. Mobile vs Tablet Market Share | Image credit: Statcounter

The article below will provide a quick overview of ecommerce website development service and design services, as well as a list of the top 6 advantages, in an effort to assist any newcomers in becoming familiar with this emerging technology.

What Does Responsive Website Design Mean?

An adaptable website adjusts its design to fit different screen sizes, making sure that users on PCs, tablets, and smartphones get the best possible browsing experience. Versatile grids and media queries are two techniques used in responsive design to adapt content to various resolutions smoothly. This strategy improves search engine rankings in addition to increasing user engagement. Adopting responsive design gives companies the ability to engage people across all platforms and remain competitive in a mobile-driven era. These days, the majority of designers and web developers create exclusively responsive websites. 

How to Check the Responsiveness of a Website?

Checking the credibility and responsiveness of a website ensures that the businesses avail perks unknown to them. The greater the responsiveness and loading performance, the greater the chances of boosting revenue and company growth. Not only do people prefer a website that fits according to their device, but also that loads at lightning-fast speed. The current user demand thrives on a website that only provides stability but also scalability to people and engages them to turn into loyal customers. 

  1. Manual Website Testing: On a workstation, expand your browser window and see how the website changes in size.
  2. Testing leveraging Mobile Emulators: To evaluate how a website displays and imitates different mobile devices using internet tools or browser plugins.
  3. Device Testing: Test your website on real smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets to make sure you get an identical browsing experience.
  4. Mobile-Friendliness Test by Google: To determine if a website complies with mobile-friendly requirements, use the free tool by Google.
  5. Browser Developer Tools: To mimic various devices and dimensions for testing, make use of the browser developer tools.
  6. Load Time Testing: To guarantee optimum performance, see how quickly the page loads on various devices.
  7. Cross-Browser Testing: It is crucial for companies to make sure that their website works with several browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox.

Why Should an eCommerce Website Be Design Responsive?

Considering that the world is moving ahead and digitalizing everything, the need for responsive websites is increasing. To understand the reasons why website responsiveness optimization is done, let us read it in-depth.

  1. Boosted Mobile Usage 

Moving has been the motto of the world that brings the constant need for change to the forefront. Moving from the age of desktop-based systems, the current technology over the past two decades worked on making keyword-based devices into full touch screen handsets. Bringing the users who utilize mobile phones. Most online users who access information on the internet use their hand-held devices to browse websites. Having said this, it really sounds illogical if an eCommerce website hasn’t been developed using responsive web design. The lack of a responsive online platform will eventually result in decreased revenue, but an ecommerce website development company offers to change the current narrative for businesses and ecommerce enterprises.

  1. SEO Compliance

Google searches for websites that are fast-loading, data-protected, and optimized for mobile device utilization. Your website may become less relevant as it gets older. Ascertain that they are aware of the most recent developments in site design that have an effect on rankings.

Google, for instance, also searches for websites that provide a satisfying user experience, which is why Google developed its Core Web Vitals. Keeping these Crucial elements in mind while you improve your website construction might help you rank higher.

  1. Accelerated Social Media Traffic

As everyone is aware, social media sites like Facebook are crucial for drawing visitors to websites and boosting website conversion for future revenue growth. Additionally, we are aware that over 50% of users utilize handheld devices to visit social networking websites. If your eCommerce business is not responsive, you might not be making the most of the traffic that comes from social media already.

  1. Standing Out The Competition

Businesses probably provide rivals an advantage if their website is obsolete and ancient. Consider employing the top web designer in the area as an alternative. Their knowledge and experience could provide you with an advantage. If you want to dazzle clients before your competitors do, you may include the newest trends in web design in your website.

  1. Enhanced User Experience

With a responsive website, businesses can change the user experience and enhance the interface interaction. Your search engine rankings may suffer as per the users if the number of bounces is high. It might be difficult for businesses to get an online reputation and trust in front of prospective clients.

Consider collaborating with an ecommerce web development company and hire a team that can enhance your user experience. Stronger UX will maintain the attention and involvement of the users. As a matter of fact, enhancing user experience on your website may increase lead generation. It will be feasible for guests to locate what they are looking for. They may be more likely to convert after learning more about your company. It will be simpler for businesses to increase their ROI and move towards exponential growth.

Perks of Hiring an Ecommerce Web Development Company

Businesses will be able to make informed decisions with the future of their organization in mind after reading this article. Find out why you should hire web developers and revolutionize their e-commerce businesses.

  1. Reaching The Audience

Businesses must hire web designers with a creative mindset who will see the need to conduct research prior to beginning design work. They can gain further knowledge about the requirements and interests of the target market of the clients. The designer has access to websites that clients find fit for the comparison. They ensure that businesses are leveraging audience-friendly web design trends that are pertinent to their industry. Prior to building a website, conducting audience research may assist in positioning the website as a powerful marketing tool.

  1. Build Brand Trust

It might be hard for customers to trust websites that are outdated, unresponsive, and not up to the mark. Businesses with traditional websites may appear not up to the standard if they have a do-it-yourself approach. This makes a brand appear unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Hire web developers, as they will be adept at captivating your wide range of targeted audiences. Businesses may have credibility in the field with the assistance of responsive websites. Building brand credibility through your website may increase lead generation and lead businesses toward growth.

  1. Increased Website Conversions

It is essential for ecommerce businesses to have a conversion-optimized website that boosts revenue and ensures accelerated ROI. Hire a web designer and engage customers by adding a conversational chatbot or form to your website that captivates the users and offers a resourceful website with the necessary functionalities and features. They might also include a tool for making appointments. Including the appropriate elements on your website may increase the number of leads and sales you get. As a consequence, your ROI will increase.

  1. Access to Experience and Expertise

It might take some time to create a website if you are not skilled in website design. You might also make expensive mistakes, but to avoid capital-related blunders, it is advised to hire an ecommerce website development company. Businesses with no in-house teams or development backgrounds benefit from the experience of the developers and work in the direction to provide the customers with optimum experience.


An ecommerce solution provider may maintain the competitive edge of your business by upgrading it with the newest advancements in cognitive technology. Additionally, it may guarantee that your platform is safe from cyber threats and attacks. Focusing on steadily enhancing the consumer experience is the key to being successful in the ecommerce industry when new platforms might appear at any time. An ecommerce web development company may handle the remaining technical issues.


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