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A case study is one of the most complicated academic assignments. Why is it so difficult to write this piece of writing? Well, it demands in-depth knowledge and advanced writing skills. Additionally, its purpose is quite complex. This is a special paper, which concentrates on certain cases that ought to be discovered.

A researcher may use such methods as an in-depth, up-close, and detailed examination to disclose the main questions. At times, it’s allowed to use all these methods at once. A researcher is supposed to choose an interesting issue or case to reveal and clarify its major qualities.

It’s obvious that this task may cause lots of problems. That is why you should learn how to compose it properly. Mind that this assignment may become even more complicated if your topic is complex. Nowadays, teachers and professors tend to assign case study topics about technology. The signs of technological progress can be seen everywhere. That’s why one shouldn’t be surprised that academic assignments about this theme are so popular. However, we are quite sure that technological topics are not difficult to cover. They are actually interesting.

A team of advanced writers from a professional case study writing service will teach you how to compose effective assignments about this interesting sphere. First of all, you should know how to select a worthy topic.

It is supposed to be:

  • Meaningful;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Relevant;
  • Interesting;
  • Helpful;

These are only some of the common qualities every topic should possess. You ought to cover an issue that is currently important for society and a certain group of people. It’s needed to disclose a relevant problem and offer an effective solution that really can solve it.

Great Ideas to Cover

At times, all you need is to select a good topic. Once you have a good issue to cover, you find different effective ways to disclose it. Thus, you don’t suffer when you compose your assignment. It flows out of you naturally. Accordingly, topic selection is really important. If you are stuck at this point, we offer our help.

Make allowances for interesting technology ideas to cover:

  1. Technology in our everyday life: Is it good or bad?
  2. Pros and cons of technological inventions in our life.
  3. Mental addiction to the Internet. Does the problem really exist?
  4. How smart devices simplify our life.
  5. Is it possible to live without high-tech devices?
  6. How technology helps students to learn better.
  7. 5 outstanding advantages of technology in the workplace.
  8. Automatic vehicles. It is actually safe?
  9. The main drawbacks of digital devices for people.
  10. How does technological progress affect younger generations?

These are pretty typical and popular themes to cover. They are important for the current society. Use our list and select an idea that is interesting to you. Every student is likewise welcome to create his own concepts.

How to Write a Case Study about Technology

You should likewise know what to do after you select an appropriate topic. This is a responsible task and you ought to take it seriously. So, you should compose a title. It may be “Is It Safe to Make Computers that Smart?” After you select a title, you should craft an outline.

It should include three main parts:

  • Introduction;
  • Main plot;
  • Conclusion;

Let’s review each stage in detail. The introductory part provides general information about your research. Make it catchy. Your readers are supposed to get interested in your project. Start like this:

“Terminator: The Judgment Day – Can the movie become a real prediction? What if someday a smart computer decides to start a war? Hollywood has released lots of scientific-fiction movies about how artificial intellect or briefly AI takes control over people. Have you ever thought that one day it may become a reality? It’s quite possible that pretty soon one computer will decide to conquer humanity and we should be aware of that possibility.”

The last sentence was a thesis statement. It shows that you’re going to study the case of a possible lead taken by an AI. The main plot should develop your thesis. Find some effective and convincing facts, examples, statistics, predictions of scientists and engineers, etc. Make sure your information sources can be trusted.

The final stage of the writing work is the conclusion. It should be brief, logical, and summarize your research. For example, “The development of the AI has advanced rapidly during the last years and today we face very smart computers that fulfill merely all functions of men. The concept that AI will one day prevail over humankind should be taken seriously. There are lots of proofs of this theory and we must be cautious. All the computers should be strictly controlled without the possibility to gain their own will”.

After these stages, you should prepare a list of references. Compose it in accordance with the assigned writing style. This will be either APA or MLA. If your text contains any quotations, they must be prepared according to the rules of that style as well.

These were the main stages of a case study on technology. Remember them for good and use them when you are assigned this assignment. You should study a certain case and reveal all its qualities and details. Deliver a clear message to your readers. Cover an interesting issue, which may be interesting for many people. Base your choice on the current trends and you’ll find the right theme.

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