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18 reasons – Why you should start an SEO business

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‘Is SEO a good career?’ – A widely asked question across the internet with a unanimous answer – ‘Yes.’ As predicted by Borrell Associates, the industry is expected to see an unprecedented growth of $80 billion per year.

Even post-pandemic, the market is expected to recover and grow at 19% in 2021. By 2023, the industry is expected to reach $77.6 billion. 

Hence, SEO today has been looked up to as an excellent way of earning a living. While sitting back on your couch, you can make thousands of dollars with your expert SEO skills. If you consider starting with an SEO consulting business and are still not convinced with the idea, we have got you covered!

We have listed the 15 reasons – why you should start an SEO business and kick-start your career right now!

1. No working hours

One great thing with SEO is that there is no set of working hours. You can work 24/7 by running your agency. Unlike a typical office, where you work for a limited number of hours during the day, SEO jobs give you the flexibility to work in your chosen time zones.

As an SEO expert, you are in charge of deciding what you want to do. No one’s going to tell you when to sleep or wake up.

2. Work from home

Most of the jobs require you to go to the office or field to accomplish the tasks. You may need to travel across the day if you are a part of the sales team or may be expected to work in the office as a part of the backend team.

A career in SEO enables you to work from your comfort zone or where there are no hassles of office politics. You can sit at home and hatch your plans for an SEO business.

3. Location independent Jobs

Most of the jobs are confined to specific locations. You may need to travel to and fro every day from your home to the office. At the same time, most sales profiles require travel across the city or even inter-state.

As an SEO consultant, if you have a laptop, internet connection, and SEO skills, you can start an SEO agency from anywhere in the world.

4. Work as per your interests

When you are a part of an organization, you may be required to handle jobs that might not interest you. But as an SEO consultant, you don’t have to work on projects which you are not interested in or know nothing about.

You can set your work profile and work by it. By delivering the desired results to your clients with your advanced SEO skills, you can escape the botheration of indulging in tasks that sound boring to you.

5. No job stress

You don’t have to deal with office politics or a boss, who may yell at you for not doing a particular task well. The freedom of being your boss ensures that you are not stressed out. SEO consultancy gives you the freedom of choosing such projects which you are confident at.

6. No educational qualifications required

If you have a laptop, internet connection, and good SEO knowledge, then you are good to go. There is no educational qualification required for starting an SEO business. Several certification courses can sharpen your skillset. But, there are no formal qualifications that one has to complete to become an SEO.

It would help if you had a strong portfolio to show up to your clients, and you are all set to impress your potential clients.

7. Control over your income

You are your boss, and you don’t have to worry about meeting targets set by someone else or getting a salary on time. All these responsibilities are yours to take care of, ensuring that you are in control of your income. The more you work, the more you earn.

8. Vast exposure to different types of people

You get the opportunity to interact with people belonging to different industries. Catering to a diverse clientele from Education, Technology, Aviation, B2B, B2B, etc., sharpen your work-skill set.

This diversified exposure can help you widen your knowledge about different businesses and their needs, enabling you to do better in an SEO agency.

9. Build a strong personal brand

With the growth of the internet, your brand matters a lot. SEO begins with building your strong personal brand as an SEO expert. It portrays you as an expert with the relevant skillset and a strong portfolio. Also, it gives more credibility to your organization instead of working for someone else.

10. Start from scratch

Most of the businesses today need intensive investment to start. With SEO, you don’t need to invest a fortune in offices and other related expenses. You can create your business right from your bedroom. All you need is a laptop, reliable internet, and SEO skills to earn your first income without much investment.

11. Work with multinationals

With the boom of online businesses, many big companies are looking for experts to manage their online presence. Every brand wants to gain customer recognition by building a strong presence in the market. These brands necessarily need SEO services, and this leads to an increase in demand for SEO consultants.

You may begin your journey with SME to build your portfolio and later approach a Multinational brand with a strong and result-oriented portfolio under your belt.

12. Work with celebrities

Nothing excites me more than this! Who doesn’t dream of working with their favorite celebrity? Like Brands, Celebrities also need SEO consultancy services to handle their Social media accounts and maintain their fan following.

With SEO, you can work with them and make a name for yourself.

13. Make quick bucks

The best thing about starting an SEO business is that you’ll be paid well in the initial stage itself. As soon as you get your first project, you are paid! You started a business with almost no investment and bagged your first income with your first project – What more can be exciting than this?

14. Unlimited growth potential

With the wide range of opportunities to expand, your SEO business will always have limitless possibilities. You can grow your business with several verticals related to SEO. You can do Social Media Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

You are not restricted to one service, and you have the freedom to explore several business models with different industries.

15. Travel worldwide without spending a dime

As an SEO expert, traveling is about exploring new ideas and meeting people associated with your industry. You might even get paid for it too! There are ample opportunities ready for you.

16. No age limit

You don’t need to be young to start your SEO business. You can establish yourself as an SEO expert at any stage of life after taking the initiative! You may come up with innovative ideas and implement them.

17. You will become an influencer in your circle

With the immense growth in the digital industry today, there’s a high chance that you’ll become an influencer in your circle. You will be looked upon to solve issues and help others.

18. Satisfaction guaranteed

With SEO, you are the boss! You make your own decisions and take your actions. Unlike traditional jobs, you can work by your schedule where you need to be present during office hours. It is something that enhances satisfaction among employees, thus increasing their productivity.


SEO is the future of online business. The demand for SEO experts is rising day by day, and hence there’s no limit to your growth potential. If you wish to be an entrepreneur and live life on your terms, then it’s high time you start exploring this industry and establish yourself as an SEO expert today!


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