3 Reasons to Embrace VPNs as a Digital Nomad

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The rapid development of communications technology in recent years has given rise to a whole new way of thinking about work, giving birth to the digital nomad movement. As a professional who has decided to embrace the freedom of digital nomadism, you open the door to an unparalleled diversity of opportunities for exploration and flexibility. However, with this freedom comes some key challenges, namely the need to ensure data security and seamless access to essential resources while on the move.  

In the face of these challenges, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as a transformative solution that can revolutionize the way you work and travel. In this article, we will discuss the function of VPN technology and explore three compelling reasons why VPNs are an indispensable asset for you as a digital nomad. 

Background info on VPNs 

A VPN is a kind of software application designed to act as both a privacy and security solution for Internet end users. VPNs allow users to connect to remote servers, which function as intermediaries to relay data back and forth between their devices and websites on the Internet. 

VPNs are intended for use by both private individuals and commercial enterprises, and a recent surge in demand for the technology has seen a slew of new providers emerge with products at every price point. This has made technology highly accessible, as users can easily avail of paid or free VPN services, both of which provide the same essential functionalities. 

In addition to this, VPNs are also available in a variety of forms, with users able to choose between a VPN extension for their browser, a desktop client, or a mobile application. As such, the technology presents considerable utility in a wide variety of situations. 

The benefits of VPNs 

As a digital nomad who relies on working while you travel, you stand to gain considerable benefits from utilizing a VPN. These include the following: 

1. VPNs shield you from cyber threats 

As someone who works remotely in the present digital landscape, cybersecurity is naturally going to be a priority for you. This is especially true when working on the go using in public places like airports, cafés, or co-working spaces, as connecting to public Wi-Fi networks can expose you to potential data breaches and cyber attacks from hackers. In this regard, a VPN application can prove invaluable as an extra line of defense for your device. 

When you connect to the Internet using a VPN, it routes your traffic through a secure tunnel and encrypts your data using robust protocols. This helps to prevent third parties from intercepting your data on unsecured networks and potentially exploiting it. As such, a VPN application can enable you to work on the move using a wide variety of different connections, safe in the knowledge that your sensitive data is safeguarded. 

2. VPNs facilitate better business relationships 

The security and privacy that VPNs provide also extend to those with whom you’re working. As a digital nomad working remotely on behalf of an employer, you can utilize a VPN application to ensure secure remote access to company networks. As such, you can access important assets and engage in greater collaboration with team members without putting your employer at risk of a data breach. 

The same can be said if you work with individual clients as a freelancer. By securing your connection with VPN technology, you can protect any data, proprietary assets, or intellectual property that may belong to your client. In this way, VPNs can you help you to build trust with clients and establish strong, long-lasting relationships that will help you sustain your work model in the long term. 

3. VPNs empower productivity 

As a digital nomad, there is a high likelihood that, at some point, you will encounter geo-blocks. This is when certain sites or online services are restricted to specific users based on their geographical location, and it can severely hinder you when trying to work remotely while you travel. However, a VPN can help you to deal with this issue effortlessly. 

Since a VPN application allows you to connect to servers in a wide variety of regions around the world, it can essentially enable you to change your location at the touch of a button. This means that by activating your application, you instantaneously gain the ability to bypass geo-blocks. As such, you can easily access any websites or essential cloud-based tools that you may need for your work. This fosters productivity, helps you to meet deadlines with ease, and empowers you to take on projects that you may not otherwise have felt that you could.  


The rapid development of communications technology has paved the way for the digital nomad movement, offering unparalleled freedom in work and travel. That freedom comes with an unprecedented set of challenges, but with a VPN it is possible to overcome them. By utilizing a VPN, you can shield yourself against cyber threats, build stronger business relationships, and achieve greater productivity to ensure a secure, efficient, and thoroughly gratifying remote work experience, no matter where you go.

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