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Business cybersecurity — VPN advantages for organizations

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Company-oriented cybersecurity tools are in very high demand as malicious actors and risks of data breaches thrive in the wilds of the online landscape. Therefore, an infrastructure upgrade for outdated company security perimeter is an essential element for the modern organization.

One of the most popular and direct problem-solving technologies for security is an integration of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) into an organizational network. But what is it, and how to know what fits your company best? Let’s test the waters of business cybersecurity and VPN advantages for organizations.

What is a business VPN, and what does it do?

A virtual private network is a secure tunnel connecting employees with company resources. This security solution provides end-to-end encryption, so outsiders and malicious actors cannot see or access the corporate network.

VPN technology combines encryption, data traffic tunnels, and protocols that hide and anonymize online transactions. Some of the most popular use cases are protecting online presence while browsing on public unsecured networks or rerouting information of your original location by assigning an IP address of another country.

Benefits of business VPN

Business VPN is a frequent choice of company owners or security managers as one can find a fit for organization needs based on the team’s current skill and time capacity. Some solutions are easily scalable and straightforward, proving that business cybersecurity doesn’t necessarily have to be complex or expensive.

Despite most known use cases, applicable even to consumer VPN products, business-targeted VPNs have functionalities that make day-to-day operations faster and more secure.

Unlocking the potential of remote teams

Digitalization absorbed almost every life aspect, work included. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies allowed the creation of an environment where work materials and tasks easily fit in a jean’s back pocket.

Having a real-time connection to your job wherever you are and using any mobile device is convenient for employees and companies alike. Organizations must ensure business continuity during difficult times like a pandemic or unstable geopolitical environment.

However, it also brings security and accessibility challenges companies must overcome to ensure that their employees utilize the sensitive information within the company network and that the risks and security gaps aren’t overlooked.

Therefore, a business VPN provides an encrypted connection despite the location of team units or singular workers.

With a business VPN, IT administrators don’t have to worry about how to provide company employees with access to their day-to-day work files and applications. In contrast, employees can connect from an international company branch or hotel WiFi while on a business trip, making the collaboration and workforce enablement much more efficient and straightforward.

Unrestricted geo presence

VPN technology is based on connecting to a destination website via the closest server to the requested resource. The VPN can resolve access limitation problems despite country borders and restrictions that come with them.

This feature is often exploited by marketing teams or companies with regularly traveling staff. Suppose a work task requires spending a considerable amount of time browsing online. Eventually, revisiting websites over and over again can be flagged as suspicious activity and limited by website owners.

In this case, VPN is a go-to solution for providing a new IP address assuming a unique visitor is browsing the page. The higher the global servers number a VPN provider offers, the better coverage and connection flow are established.

Some companies face a real issue with data consumption limitations imposed by internet service providers. Bandwidth throttling can considerably decrease the internet service speed, which is crucial for businesses that operate on heavy online presence. To overcome this restriction, VPN comes of great help in ensuring smooth daily operations continuity.

Enhanced security levels

One of the main ideas of using a VPN is security via encryption. Data, files, and user information are hidden under encryption protocols, most commonly the AES 256-bit key. This encryption key is exceptionally resilient for decryption. This encryption key secures information from malicious exploitation and data leaks.

A corporate VPN defines clear lines of who is permitted within the network and what resources organization members can access. Activating VPN service only to company authorized users consolidates management and control of access and user traffic within the organizational environment.

Segmentation of the teams based on their roles confines possible exposure of sensitive information in case of a data breach. IT administrators can utilize VPN to assign employees to

separate gateways with restricted access to outsiders and simultaneously increase service speed and quality.

Beyond VPN solutions

VPN is an excellent technology for companies that need agility and flexibility combined with security. It enables an off-site workforce and expands business functionalities and abilities. However, some VPN providers offer basic service that isn’t used to their full potential or doesn’t adhere to usability needs.

Therefore, solutions like NordLayer takes business VPN beyond the standard form and expands its capabilities to maximum performance.

On-point compilation of security features

The layered design of security measures defines NordLayer as a remote access solution. Built for IT managers’ and users’ convenience.

VPN can be started in minutes and enabled using third-party compatible 2FA, SSO, or biometrics authentication. Managers can create, maintain and remove user identities in cloud applications as status or role changes with user provisioning.

Robust security with little effort

The deployment of the NordLayer solution shows great adaptability to existing company infrastructure. IT managers can create teams via a Control Panel and assign new members by sending automated invitations.

A centralized management system also keeps track of user traffic activity when they connect to the VPN or when members were added to the system. The functionality provides enough data for reports and monitoring of the effectiveness of the used solution.

NordLayer is a solution that expands the functionality of a B2B VPN. Providing a smoothly performing network security and global presence for remote teams also makes implementing security policies, uncomplicated management, and compliance-focused strategy easy.


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