5 Reasons Why Businesses Will Need Chatbots Technology

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Oh, how we used to hate chatbots. You visit a website just to look around. Suddenly, you start getting live chat notifications even though you never tried to contact a customer.

“Hello, this is Tracy. How may I help you today?”

No; it’s not Tracy and you never asked for her help. You ignore that message. However, “Tracy” keeps bugging you while you’re trying to see what the website offers. You get distracted by the live chat sounds and you just decide to leave.

Yes; we used to hate chatbots. Now, things are different. This technology has come a long way. In fact, chatbots now improve the customer’s experience. They will be even more important for businesses in the year to come. Here are 5 reasons why chatbots are essential for businesses in 2018:

Thanks to Chatbots, you have customer service that never sleeps

Modern chatbots can understand typed messages and respond to them. They are also programmed to learn from the conversations, so they can constantly develop in the right direction. We’re no longer getting messages like the one we mentioned in our introduction. We’re getting real support, and we’re getting it at any time.

That’s what today’s consumers are looking for: effective support at any time. Thanks to chatbots, a business doesn’t have to hire customer support agents who work overnight. They may have only one or two members of the support providing such services, but most of the work will be done by the chatbot. It will have a conversation with the customer. The chatbot will then try to find a solution for them. If that doesn’t work, the customer will get a convincing message: “The issue has been forwarded to a higher level of customer support. Expect an answer within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.”

Chatbots are fun

Have you seen TacoBot? It has a better sense of humor than most human customer support representatives. It’s artificial intelligence at its best.

The tool is still being tested. It’s been a long time, but we expect to see it in action in 2018. TacoBot will change the way we see chatbots once and for all. It will be like having a witty butler right at your side.

When the bot is fun, it makes the brand more accessible and makes the customer’s experience more enjoyable.

Chatbots can be marketed just like a product

When you implement an impressive chatbot into your customer service strategy, you can promote it just as you promote any of your products. We’ll mention TacoBot as an example again. The brand promotes it even before it puts it into action.

Yes; you can promote your chatbot as a product. But it’s not only that. You should promote it! Explain what it is and how your customers can use it to get a convenient and fast service. Some people may not trust chatbots. That’s why you should guide them through the process, and engage them in it. – Robert Michaels, HOD Customer Support, Resumes Planet

Put the chatbot in your content marketing campaign. Explain why you created it and how it will improve your customer service. Promote it on social media. Teach your customers how to use it!

Chatbots are getting right to the point

Pushy, boring chatbots are a history. They no longer disturb a website’s visitor with unnecessary notifications. They will get straight to the point if you get in touch with them. People engaging with chatbots are not looking for deep conversations. They just want to ask quick questions and get specific information.

That’s the direction chatbots are developing at. They enhance the customer’s experience and provide instant, concise, and relevant answers. That’s why every business needs them.

Chatbots cost less than apps, and employees

Developing and maintaining an app devoted to customer service will cost a lot. A high-quality chatbot doesn’t come for free, but it’s much more cost-effective than an app. Chatbots are also more convenient since the customers don’t have to download them.

Since the chatbot takes part in the customer support center’s load, it means you’ll need fewer employees in that sector. On the long run, this saves you a lot of money.

Due to the fact that chatbots will be getting more advanced and effective throughout 2018, it’s clear that the investment will be saving businesses more money, too.

Chatbot technology is constantly getting better. We’ll keep seeing more businesses implementing it with success. Are you ready to consider that option, too?

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